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Eupora High School Reviews

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the health and safe of the students are very good because we have cameras everywhere and so many teachers to watch after each student during safety
the clubs and organization in eupora high school are very good because there is just so much each students can be involve in while at eupora high school.
yes I would choose to go back to eupora high because the parents make everything so unique with students being involve in a lot of activities.
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eupora high school is as far the best school I have attended in my schools years. I learn a lot from each of these teachers over the years and that's what just makes it so great.
The extracurricular activities are great. They help us and they make it fun.
This is my 12th grade year and it has to be the best by far. I used to hate going to school and stay home almost everyday due to the fact i didn't like the faculty& staff. They were rude and the teachers barely paid attention to me when i needed help, this got so bad to the point where i ended up switching schools. I then realized that my school wasn't as bad as i made it out to be. i started to miss everybody there. I switched back to my old school, Eupora High School, and from that day i never dreaded another day of school. My grades were higher, the teachers were better, and my attitude was completely positive. I like to think the main reason of this being was that i was getting into higher grades like 11th and 12th and things were just easier in general.
Most of them are nice and kind and understanding but there are some who are just the complete opposite. Most of them have great relationships with their students and make school worth coming to but other teachers are the reason why we have a high dropout rate.
What makes this school unique is that most people are nice and the teachers are caring. I don't know if I would go back to this school if I had the chance to I've had bad and good experiences with this school.
The teachers and the staff are helpful at most points if we don't make them mad, their nice and caring and they want to see their students succeed.
Because of school lunch regulations our school lunches are not as good as they could be, but our school does the best they can to make them more enjoyable.
Our school is very disciplined. If a student is in the wrong they will be punished. We all work very hard to keep to the rules.
We have the best sports teams and coaches around. They all support each other as teammates and in the classroom.
The staff at our school is the best staff you can find. They'll help any student that needs it even if it's after school.
We have a great school with a great staff. All the teachers participate in some kind of extra curricular activity whether they're sponsering or just helping out. We do have a wide variety of activities for such a small school and they are the best you can get.
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