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Eunice Sato Academy of Math & Science Reviews

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Sato has so many amazing qualities that make it the top school in the district. It started in 2015 and it’s been skyrocketing since.
'Sato Academy' is a very small humble school that strives for academic excellence with its small yet dedicated student body. Teachers are very patient and loving to students and make it there priority to help students when in doubt!
Sato Academy overall can be called an "average" school, to take the average of all the ratings below. The teachers and staff definitely make sure students are college ready in terms of academic standing. However, the school is underdeveloped still, only taking in their first class of seniors this fall semester of 2018. Since it is such a new school, diversity is lower in range than the schools within LBUSD. School culture is still being developed as well. This includes clubs, activities, sports, student facilities, etc.
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My experience at Sato Academy is something that you would never be able to forget. There were many ups and downs throughout the years, however, in the end, I believe I have benefitted so much from this school. Unlike other high schools, this school provided many courses that are relevant and can be beneficial in the career that I would like to pursue in the future. As a future health professional, I would absolutely recommend going to this school if you want to get a head start in expanding your biomedical science or engineering knowledge and do not mind having any varsity sports available to you.
This is a challenging school. There are great teachers and then you have those teachers that need more experience. I have both loved and hated my time at Sato.
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