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Eunice High School Reviews

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Eunice High School is a small school that does not have a large number of students and every teacher can personally get to know their students. This leads to a better learning environment because teachers can easily help students who are falling behind. However, Eunice High School does not have many clubs or extracurricular activities for students who dislike sports. Having more extracurricular activities would make this school more enjoyable.
My experiences that I’ve had with friends and family at Eunice high school has been great. The teachers and even the coaches are always involved with the students. Everyone knows each other and everyone is quite friendly. From pep rally’s to the football and basketball games I have enjoyed myself and my friends.
Students have drug checks sometimes which is good to keep them away from drugs.
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We have open campus so most students go out to eat but i have heard the cafeteria food is good.
This high school has all the basic sports any high school should have and they have a great potential.
I just moved to Eunice high a couple of months ago and its alright. Some people are very friendly but at the same time theres a lot of people who like to get in trouble. I dont like the fact that i hear many students in school are involved with drugs. There are people that are absent for about two months and still get to pass their classes and they will be able to graduate and its not fair for those who have showed up and have been doing their work and have been working very hard.
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