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Eunice High School Reviews

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Being at Eunice High School was a tremendous experience. I learned so much over my four years there. It was a very fun, active, educational and loving school. There are activities to keep students pushing and pumped up. The only thing that I would want change about this school is the amount of students. I would love to see more students attend this school and I would guarantee everything will be great!
My experience with Eunice High School has been and continues to be a process of "Learning something new everyday " for me. One thing I feel could be better is the learning environments and the way the teachers teach.
I liked how the school was not very big and everyone knew each other, but they need more resources to help you apply for scholarships.
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I love the way some of the teachers instruct the classrooms as well as how some of the classes are Dual Enrollment. If I could change something, it would be having to do a Senior Project. Overall, I think that it is a wonderful school.
Eunice High School is very diverse. My teachers care if I understand the material and will do everything in their power to help me. My guidance counselors always welcome me in their office and are always glad to help me send out information needed for the colleges of my choice.
Eunice High School was overall an okay school. Teachers could have been more knowledgeable about the subjects being taught, though.
Eunice is an alright school but it's super easy. The teachers will always help you and go the extra mile. The administration is also very friendly and supportive.
Every teachers has there own way of teaching and each of them really taught me things that I will never forget. It's a wonderful high school and I would send my kids there any day.
I enjoyed school, just not the social aspect. I focused on my education.
The teachers over all make school days flow easy.
At my high school, we were full of spirit and always supported every sport. We have been undefeated in our district plenty of times. Also, grades play a very important role in our sports division. There were weight lifting competitions and the athletes must have been extremely dedicated to being to practice and keeping up with their grades in order to stay involved in sports. My high school is located in a fairly small town, so majority of the population would attend every athletic function. The coaches push the athletes and support them by compliments and telling them the great achievements they are capable of. My experience with sports at Eunice High School was amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
The teachers will provide you the best assistance possible. They give study classes before school starts and after school ends. Regardless of the type of teaching and communication skills they possess, they made sure that we understood the lessons and any other information we need in order to pass. My advance math teacher was awesome. She broke down the lesson so well and made math enjoyable for the entire class.
The school lacks good facilities but, the coaches are great and deeply care for the students. The bond between the team members is very strong.
The school offers basic classes but, have good teachers. The clubs are lacking and the school excitement and moral is low.
Some of the teachers are great, others not so much. The good teachers are actively involved with the students while the others tend to be lacking.
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