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Eula High School does many different things that have a positive effect on its students. Eula's teachers are willing to do anything possible to help their students with they do not understand. I personally struggle the most in math and my math teacher, Mrs. Sutton, has bent over backwards to help me understand what we are learning. Eula also tries to get students active in their school by handing out "You Rule" tickets. these tickets are given to students for being on A or AB honor roll. If a student helps another student or assist a teacher then they may get a ticket for that as well. Eula's teachers know their students and if something is slightly different with a particular student they offer to help with anything that student might need help with.
There are great teachers and it's easy to make great friends. Being smart is applauded so there is encouragement. Teachers try hard to get everyone to learn the best way they can. I wouldn't have picked any other school to attend.
My overall experience of this school is "okay". It's a very small school and everybody knows everything. I do think the teachers show favoritism to certain students based on their connections with the facility. But overall, I enjoyed this school.
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We have good policies. They are always improving.
most everyone is accepted by everyone else.
Some activities have more support.
I was not very prepared for college.
Students can feel free to talk about anything..
Everyone is glad to be apart of all programs they can possibly be in
everything in the school is up to date with technology for the most part along with tutoring and college prep
The teachers are all very helpful and will do anything to help
Most extracurricular avtivities are athletics which practice everyday with the occasionally band practice
Everything is always what is best for students security with fire and tornado and lock down drills
The food is the standard food that would be in a school.
The food is not that great when you are told what you can and can not eat by the state.

Academics offered are standard high school class and college classes for those wanting to get a head start on college.
What makes my school unique is that everybody knows everybody.
Students are not allowed to wear jeans with holes.
Students are also not allowed to leave campus without parent permission during school hours.Other rules are standard policies.
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The school was beautiful. The high school isn't that old. The buildings were in great shape. The counselor was always willing to help you. The teachers were very friendly. The parents were very involved at the school.
This high school attempted to really try to prepare you for the real world. With having a larger city with three universities near the school, you always had many options. The counselor was always encouraging you to go to bigger schools and see new things.
The extracurricular department was the biggest part of this high school. There wasn't a single student in our school who wasn't involved in some sort of extracurricular activities. The commitment to these clubs are unbelievable. The faculty will always help you with anything.
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