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Since my school is quite small, they don't offer a lot of classes that could help me later on in college. Also, there aren't as much opportunities that other schools offer; although it might be a small school, it does have some advantages, such as, the classes are smaller thereby resulting in teacher-to-student communication very easy.
They don't push anyone to do anything they are not happy about. Our school has a majority of clubs like FFA, FCA, Drama Club and FBLA. We have a bunch more clubs also. Students are more than welcome to join at anytime. I’ve been to this school since kindergarten, they are very spiritual.
The teachers are pretty good. Every core class teacher has a smartboard in their room for easier teaching. It also allows them to be able to teach so much more. Some of our teachers really care about the students and try to help us get as ready for college as we possibly can if we are wanting to go. They all tell us that is good to get a higher education. They are good at putting grades into the computer and getting their things done.
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My school allows students to take college classes through IT-V while in hight school. It is very helpful because it is cheaper and it allows us to get some our genral education done while in high school. We can as many as we want or choose not to take any, its up fo us. Some of the moat popular classes are our speech class with our excellent teacher Mrs. Cochran, and our Ag. Classes with our always kind teacher, Mr.Hager.
Our school administration does a great job. They do their best to keep us safe and get us the best education they can. Although, I wish we had another counselor because ours is always really busy and doesn't have much time for out IT-V classes. It is also hard to find him. My school is strongly against bullying and we also had an assembly about it discussing how harmful it is. We also have a pretty stong dress code that does not allow us to wear hole in our jeans above the knees, and no short shirts, and so much more. A lot of students don't like those rules because it is hard to find shorts that are longer and jeans without holes in them.
We have a lot of activities like sports, and clubs such as FCA, FFA, FBLA, National Honor Socioty, Student council, Science club, soar, and tri-m. We also have cheerleading and a dance team. We have clubs and activies that auit everyones wants. The FFA is the most comminmented group we have with almost our entire high school in it, which is over 100 students. We arevery envolved in the community. We also have pretty good amount of students in all the other groups with atleast 20+ in each of them. The second biggest would be NHS, and those are for the kids with 3.5 or higher.
Our school is very safe and healthy. There are no problems in this area

The school is not falling apart. It's not state-of-the-art, but it's not too bad. There is tutoring offered during advisory hour. Technology could use an update.
I'm a vegetarian and they offer a salad bar with wilted lettuce and limited toppings. Other than that, there are no other vegetarian options. The portions they serve are very small. The food is tasteless and bland. Everyone complains about the lunches.
I love the feel of a small school. It's located in a small town so everybody knows each other. The town is mostly low-income so the school can't afford the best education it could provide.
There are not many clubs to get involved in, but the ones offered are excellent.
School spirit could be more prominent but the sports are great and the teams all do very well.
The staff is almost all very friendly and helpful. The principal is very active in the school.
The education could use some improvement. There needs to be a wider variety of classes offered to students.
I love it. Its a small school, nice people. Track
We dont have much different race. Acceptence is ok.
We have good technology. Also, great facilities.
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We have FCA, FFA, and FBLA. Very committed.
Small school means more one on one time with students.
The food service is great! We have a good size cafeteria for the amount of students we have. We have a lot of healthy choices but not a lot of variety. We dont really have any snacks except ice cream, and chips. There's a lot of complaints.
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