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I like the school spirit because it makes the students excited. I would change the population of the school because it is packed for the size it is.
While I am now a college freshman enrolling for the upcoming Spring Semester, I can't help but wish I could go back to my school and thank them for everything they've ever done. I remember coming to this school because my dad had a new job there, in which really broke my heart as I kept telling him to wait until I graduate from senior year in my other school. However, I didn't have a choice, so I was forced to cope with my newer surroundings, in which I got used to after a few weeks. The teachers there were the nicest people I knew, as they helped me fight my depression I had been dealing with, and the school helped me be fully prepared for college in general. That, and I also participated in multiple art events and had also won
first place in an art contest, thus giving me a boost in my motivation to get a Visual Arts career. I wish I would return to North Carolina, just one quick visit to greet them and tell the other students about the benefits of this school.
I went to Ashley High school for my freshmen and sophomore year. I enjoyed it doing different clubs and my sports. The one thing I would change is how large the classrooms are maybe make them less crowded so it is easier to learn.
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I like Ashley high school because it was a vey close knit community where all the teachers did everything they possibly could to help you out and make sure you get a good education
Poor administration, Principal wants no part when confronting bully issues. Athletic director and coaches don’t support players or parents, too much drama/politics . School allows bullying and students with fake addresses - principal doesn’t want to get involve
My experience with Ashley High School has been very well. The teachers I have had have been very helpful to me and have allowed me to learn much about all subjects ranging from ceramics to calculus. The counselors at Ashley are pretty good but make sure you make an appointment with them because it can take them a while to get back to your email or phone call. Overall Ashley has been a pretty good school. I have enjoyed my experience at Ashley.
I enjoyed attending Eugene Ashley High School and have experienced many great moments there as a student. However, it is a very large school, so it is difficult to obtain one on one instruction attention since the average amount of kids per class is around the number of 30 students. On the other hand, there was a lot of positives to having a large student body because you were able to interact with many students from diverse backgrounds and gain experience from that. Granted, since Ashley is a large school, I was able to choose from multiple activities and clubs through the school.
The facility is very nice and fairly new, being built in 2001. At Ashley there are some amazing teachers, who really care about students education and understanding. On the other hand, there are also some teachers who do not. I think I had an overall good experience here.
I really did not enjoy my time at Ashley High School. The teachers did not seem to care about teaching with the exception of a few. A lot of time creativity was limited and we were made to sit down and follow directions.
I like how the teachers actually care about their students along with the school having everything that a school should.
I liked a lot about this school. Athletics and music were my favorite parts of the high school experience. They had plenty of athletics to choose from with high participation. The arts program is also great with band, drama, chorus, orchestra, and probably the largest HS theater in the county. One downside is that enrollment seems over capacity.
The closer I get to graduation, the more I realize that I don't really have any problems with Ashley high. Compared to the other high schools in our district, the amount of fighting and disciplinary issues are nonexistent.
Ashley High School is a good school but not too diverse. They have really good teachers that bring help to all students.
Ashley High School is far from perfect- but the stellar teachers I have had over my years have made all the difference.
I began going to Eugene Ashley high school the middle of my junior year and have enjoyed attending ever since. It is a great school that successfully preparing students for college and their future.
Eugene Ashley High School is a fantastic school! With many resources, great teachers and many extra-curricular activities, the school is top notch. Academically the school is above average but the teachers are very well educated and qualified for their jobs. These are just a few reasons as to why Eugene Ashley High School is a very strong school.
Eugene Ashley high school is an amazing school the work they have given has prepared us for college in more ways than one. The only thing I would change is the way they handle certain situations such as bullying.
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What I liked about Ashley High School was the diversity in students. Everyone was so different in terms of where they came from and their personalities. I love that I will be graduating with so many unique friends! I really think my school could improve the way they handle minor outbursts in class or joking around in the hallways. I understand that the staff wants to act professional and not tolerate bad behavior, but I have seen a teacher grab a kid out of the hallway and quite literally pull him to the office because they thought he threw an empty water bottle, when in fact he did not. I would like to see less profiling, and more talking and understanding.
I have attended Eugene Ashley High School for all 4 years. I truly can not complain about this school. The teachers are great and are always there to help the students out. The school have several after school clubs and programs giving students a chance to fine what they love and the group of people the can hang out with. The teachers and SRO's(school resource officers) do everything they can to keep the school and kids safe. I am a athlete, I play lacrosse and not only my lacrosse coach but all the other coaches push us to do our best and to have fun while we are practicing and playing the sport.I am overall pleased with my 4 years I have been attending and would not wish I would have went to any other school!
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