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Eufaula High School Reviews

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When it comes to Eufaula high school, be ready for: underqualified teachers, very rude administration, and power hungry teachers. The best and only qualified teacher I encountered while at this school was the US history teacher who is a former navy member, Mr. Thompson. Preparations for college are horrible, my senior class was told that most of our classes would not transfer to college if we had taken them online 2 months before graduating.
This school sucks. We have BARELY any clubs and activities and even the ones we have are not awesome. Do your kids a favor and send them to Edmond instead. 💁🏻‍♂️
PS. Dress code, lunch, and teachers suck!
Being a student at Eufaula High School has made me realize the importance of doing work, of applying for things you may not expect to receive because you never know what's out there for you to achieve until you try! Here at Eufaula it has taught me to respect my elders and everything will be better!
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There are multiple things you can do that are school sponsored.
Most of the teachers know their subjects.
I think our kids are well looked after and cared for at school.
Smaller school that has more individual attention.
Its pretty safe at my school
We don't really have anything after school wise
It wasn't the worst but it wasn't the best ether
The teachers are kind but they could do better lesson plans.
I have made so many friends at this school. A lot of the kids that attend Eufaula are really good. Most of the kids here treat each other like family if they aren't already! The best experiences I've had here has to be joining band and going to the competitions with all of the amazing students, faculty, and staff that has supported us through all our hard effort and triumphs.
The administration is just like any other, full of people who think they are doing what's best for everybody. We seem to have issues keeping a principle for more than two years, though. And our counselor used to be so helpful, now you have to force your way into her schedule to get help with anything.
Our main sport that everyone follows is our football team. With the team under new coaching staff, they can finally hold their own in a game. But even before they started playing better, there were student s and families who went to every game to cheer them on. The band went to every game including the away games, no matter how from they were they went to show support for the team (and to play half time shows).
Eufaula seemed to strike gold somewhere along the way of hiring teachers. The two best ones are the Junior class English teacher, and the history teacher. They are amazing at what they do, if a student doesn't understand they will quickly and easily find a new way to explain something.
Depending on an individual's idea of a good time, there are a few organizations Eufaula has to offer. Most of these organizations are sports; like football, basketball, baseball, and golf. Eufaula also has an award winning marching/concert band, and a choir. Anyone of those organizations have a pretty big commitment level. Of course the band and choir get the least administration support, even though the band is what brings the school all of the awards. The band has beaten 6A schools in marching competitions- Eufaula is a 3A school.
The school has been great and has the best alumni staff!
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The cooks are great and so is some of the food.
Most trouble caused receives In-school suspension
The facilities here are always open even after school!
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