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Eufaula High School Reviews

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I am enrolled through Alabama Virtual Academy at Eufaula city, and it is perfect for any student. The teachers make everything fun and easy to learn, they help you with anything you need, and they're great friends! There is lots of creative opportunity and freedom, and the pace is ideal for learning.
I never had an issue getting any of my teachers to help me when I was unsure about an assignment! Great teachers, administration, and all other staff members. School environment was a safe place to learn!
Eufaula is a small city among other small cities. In Eufaula there are two school systems but the public school system is where I attend. I love my school because of the feeling of community it makes when everyone pulls together for a football game or even cheer competitions. The whole town of Eufaula supports every endeavor. Eufaula High School exceeds expectations on many levels from sports to academics. The education given to us at the High School is top notch, we even have some people travel lengthy periods everyday to attend such a school. The teachers and administration in this facility are the best and accept nothing but the best from their students. Some schools may not care if one person fails but here at Eufaula High the staff helps and encourages students to excel in every aspect of our high and college careers. This small town school produces many student athletes and scholars that will grow up to one day make an impact on this city or where ever they go.
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Eufaula High school is a school that participates in the Alabama Virtual Academy online school for home schooled students and the principal is an amazing person. There is nothing I would change
I liked the fact that it was smaller and more intimate in size. I'd like to see more teachers for different programs.
Eufaula High School has excellent academics that offers a wide variety of classes that prepare one for college. There is not anything I would change about this marvelous school.
What I like about Eufaula High School is that some of the teachers care that you pass their class. One thing I would change is the lunch menu.
Overall my time spent at EHS was rough but wonderful. I can say it starts with the teachers that truely care and look out for the students. The stuff is beyond wonderful. Next i could say that all the sports programs are amazing. I played football, basketball, and ran track; and all of these programs helped build me along with the coaches they all helped build me to be a better person. So i can say Eufaula High School is a great school to attend or to have your family attend.
My experience at eufaula has been a pretty nice life changing journey. When i first started attending I didn't see myself now applying for scholarships or even college. My original plan was to go straight in the military after i graduated high school. But as my school year progressed i started to see how smart i actually am , and all of my teachers encouraged me to further my education. So i started looking more into college and decided i wanted to attend the University of South Alabama. My counselors and and school staff are who i run to every time i have a problem with the college admission process. They willingly and happily welcome and help me every time i needed it . One thing i would like to see changed is the safety of the students there should be more cameras.
Eufaula high school overall has been a pretty good experience. It taught me to be independent and stay on top of things.
The students are very friendly and the teachers are helpful and try their best to help their students by doing after school tutoring two days a week or more and always help their students get prepared for college and gives amazing advice about college and life.
The school offers a good variety of career and technical education programs for its limited size. They do need to offer more electives in fine arts and other academic subjects besides just the required. Something like creative writing, photography, etc.
While being educated at Eufaula High School,I liked the classes and the education.Overall,Eufaula High School is a great school students should attend if they decided to go to school there.But I would like there to be some changes in some classes such as the cooking class,and baby class because they do not exist anymore.Eufaula High School is the most educated,cleaned, and followed regulated school I have ever attended throughout my freshmen and junior year.
Durning football season at our school with seeing all the school spirit each student has. At football games when the football coach comes over an scream and tells the drum major of the band to keep playing durning the last minute/seconds of the game. An you get the news at the end of the game saying the band helped us win this game.
We don't have metal detecors. We rarely have drug searches. I only know of one the we've had.
It's not a lot of extracurricular stuff after school most after school stuff is for sport or band
They don't have all the classes that I would like to take. Then you have to pay for the classes to
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They have their good days then they have their bad days
My school has a variety of extracurricular activities during and afterschool, both athletic and non-athletic. Every student at the school can find a club or team that fits their personality.
The teachers at my school do what they can to help the students graduate and be successful.
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