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As a student at Eudora High School for going on four years, I have never had a problem. The staff is very kind and eager to work with both students and parents. Some violent individuals have presented themselves and were swiftly dealt with. I feel safe on campus and within the building itself. However, resources are a bit lacking due to the tax cuts in Kansas. Still they make sure every student has what they need.
Eudora High School is an amazing place to grow and learn. The community and staff are wonder and supportive. Love the people that go there and can't imagine me going anywhere else for high school. Graduation day is going to be sad and memorable.
What I love about Eudora High School is how everyone is family. This school is so special to me because you can be you and be friends with so many people that it is a wonderful experience and atmosphere to live it. You make lifetime memories that will last forever, because everyone is so nice.
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Overall, my experience at Eudora High School has been full of great opportunities. Eudora allows all students the chance to get involved with the community by participating in clubs such as National Honors Society and FBLA.
I had a very positive experience at Fedora High School. Eudora High school was my first experience attending a high school and I found the people and school both inviting. I participated in cross county were I mean a lot of friends.
I loved Eudora High School. It is a small school but has a great atmosphere. You get to know everyone by name and there is a lot of one-on-one time available with the your teachers because class sizes are typically pretty small. There is a lot of club and sport opportunity for students to get involved in and the school really tries their best to fit every students needs.
Eudora High was awesome. The best part about it was the people. It felt like home where even new students weren't afraid of people because there was always somewhere to fit in. It was also always great to hear that substitute teachers always loved coming to Eudora because of how nice and welcoming the general student body was.
Eudora is a small town which can serve as an incredible support system for individuals willing to seek out and get to know the people around them. The teachers at Eudora High School want to see students succeed.
Great school, but has all the pitfalls of being a small one. There just aren't enough resources- there are no AP classes, non-athletic clubs are not really recognized, and, naturally, the food is inedible. The best thing about it is the teachers.
Good teachers and a good experience. I moved here in the middle of the year and had a easy transition thanks to the staff here. The students are good and they keep whatever goes on outside of school out of the school.
I went to Eudora High School for all four years and it was a great time. There were many opportunities to get involved in the community and a range of classes that would meet any interests. It is a close community with teachers and staff that really push and help you succeed. I would like to see more diversity in the community to help broaden an understanding of other cultures so there isn't a culture for those that go to college.
What I liked about Eudora High School was that the teachers were very much willing to help you succeed. I would change the way IEP plans and 504 plans are obtained.
Eudora High School is a great community of students and faculty that work together to create a sense of comfort for students. At Eudora, it is always easy to ask for help, try a new activity, and meet new friends. The small school environment makes easing into things seamless and creates less humility. The only downfall to the school is the variety of classes and clubs/sports offered. This downfall is due to the size of the school, and it is a sacrifice that I gladly make.
The teachers at Eudora are very nice and mostly supportive. The school seems to be safe and doing well. The school doesn't seem to prevent bullies very well, I have had a friend be bullied so bad that she changed schools and Eudora High School didn't do anything about it. There has been many occasions where this, or something similar, has happened.
I loved how they make you feel like you belong there. No matter how much you dislike a subject the teachers will try to understand and make the lesson more enjoyable to everyone. If I could change one thing about the school it would probably be the school lunches which actually isn't the schools fault. After the First Lady proposed the change of making school lunches more healthy, which really only made all the food we were served taste like cardboard, everyone agreed the that the lunches tasted terrible and we weren't given salt either. I would change the school lunches. Other than that Eudora High School is a really good school!
The one thing I loved about Eudora High School was the community involvement within the school. Everyone in Eudora wants to see you succeed and will push you to reach and accomplish your goals. If you didn't believe in yourself, the community did. Go Cards!
Eudora High School is a pretty great place to go to school. There are many activities and classes offered to students. That being said, a few things I would like to see added to the high school are other language courses besides Spanish and AP classes that are weighted, aside from English classes.
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Most of our extracurricular activities at Eudora High School are sports. We have others, but the ones most people care about are sports. We have a musical in the fall and a play in the early spring so that keeps the students who don't want to play sports involved in something. We have after school weights all year and the gym and track are always open to students. There is a huge choir concert at the end of the school year called "platinum" and it is the main source of income for the choir department.
I really enjoyed the past 3 years at Eudora High School because it is a big enough school to have plenty of people (almost 500 students), but small enough to not get lost and be friends with everyone, I'm looking forward to my senior year at Eudora.
The teachers at Eudora High School are excellent at making sure every student meets the requirements given by the state. There are classes devoted to helping struggling students get more in school time to do their classwork where they can get the help they need. The Eudora High faculty does a sufficient job at including everyone in activities.
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