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I enjoyed high school for the most part. The teachers were great, or my teachers were great. My school work was pretty simply and if it was very challenging, I still enjoyed coming up with the solution. The location is pretty decent, in the center of the city. The school was pretty diverse as far as African America, Hispanic, and Caucasian students and teachers were concerned. I do not think the curriculum got students ready for college, but then again most college professors gave students multiple chances.
I attended Euclid high for four years and the food never got better and the preparation for college is not good enough to get kids ready for the next level of education.
Euclid High School likes to see students and teachers come together to learn new things. There’s a lot of options and teachers in Euclid High School to go too when your in need of help, and they really want to see you succeed.
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Euclid high school has some great teachers that want to see their students succeed. The schools spirit and atmosphere could be better.
My experience at Euclid High School started off rocking. I was far behind them when I started in the middle of 11th grade year, I had to play catch up for a few months but overall I got through it. The students wasn’t very nice when I first start, a girl picked a fight with me the second month of me being there. When I started senior it gotta better for me. I made new friends and new teachers, so of the work got challenging but I like a little challenge.
Teachers rarely take control of the classroom. NJROTC is a top-notch program I was part of. They do not have a lot of opportunities educationally. They had black mold in the lunch room and they handled it until a student mentioned it but it was all over the school. They do not care for the welfare of their students.
I personally do not go to school at Euclid highschool since I am a College Credit Plus student, but I know that it is not the best. They have some new technology like Chromebooks but a lot of stuff is still outdated. The people who I have come in contact to have been very nice and helpful though.
My experience at Euclid High School was a great and exciting experience. I learned so many new things that I never learned before. I tried new clubs and activities, and I got so involved in school spirit. I met new people and even got some very good and close friends who I believe will always be my friends.
Euclid is not as bad as most people like to believe. I personally had a great experience throughout my years there. However if I were to change something it would be to have put more funding in the arts and music departments. As someone who takes part in both of those aspects it is disheartening to see how many people don't actually care about something I, just like my peers, am passionate about
Euclid High school was a great school. Full of diversity, full of academic help and career tech programs
Well, as a transfer student, I have to say that I was expecting Euclid to be a lot worse. Sure, the building is in terrible condition, the curriculum is centered more on graduating high school than higher education , and the school is terrible, but the students here really balance that out. I'm fascinated by the camaraderie I see in classes and in the hallways; I'm so used to standoffish and condescending characters. I may not be learning much academically, but socially, I'm seeing the world in a different light thanks to this crummy high school.
When first entering Euclid High School, I heard many different things about it. Such as, it wasn’t a good school and that the students were horrible. That is not the case, in my experience at this school, I’ve had incredible teachers. Throughout my entire high school career, I have not had a single teacher that I did not like. There are many opportunities at the school. I took all honors and college credit plus classes as well as being in the career tech program for early childhood education. The only downside to attending Euclid High School is that there are a lot of students in this school. They also tend to be very rowdy and kind of obnoxious.
Great staff and teachers. More tutoring needs to be available for struggling students. I would like to see higher standards (i.e., dress code, language, grades for sports. Some children are allowed to bend certain rules which brings down the standard for all.
The teachers care about you,and make sure that you are on task to what you need to do. All of my teachers have been very helpful. I enjoy going to the football,basketball and volleyball games at euclid. Euclid has a lot of after school program that you may like.
I've learned much for being at Euclid High School for four years now. Being a student there has open my eyes to the possibilities of meeting new people sand learning from them. It has been a wide range of actives and groups for me to take advantage of and I have. Through my high school I've develop friendships that I hope become life long friendships. I will walk away knowing that I have a strong foundation to build on, people who truly care about me. I happy to say I'm a panther!
I believe that Euclid High School is slowly but surely improving in academics, diversity, and providing more activities to do after school. My freshman year was a great one. I received great grades, and my teachers were the best. I even developed my cello skills thanks to my orchestra teacher. My sophomore and junior year were pretty good as well. Like every high school, there is room for improvement. In my opinion, Euclid High School can improve on continuing to provide outlets for students after school, and more tutoring programs. More outlets such as programs for students who are struggling to find themselves and identity. High school is a 4 year experience where you go through many life lessons and learn about people and the real world. Euclid High School can do a better job by having clubs/activities for students who are unsure of where they see themselves at 18+. In conclusion, Euclid High School has some downfalls but the school is progressively improving.
My experience at Euclid High School was good, you have a lot of teachers that help you to succeed. They have different programs that help kids if they don't meet the graduation requirements. Euclid turns their students into young adults and help us get ready for the real world.
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The teachers are very easy to get along with and are always willing to help as long as YOU take the responsibility to ask for it. They really like what they are doing which makes you want to learn more. I love the Planetarium!!!
In a lot of ways Euclid High School has taught me so many aspects of life and growing as a person. I was faced with different obstacles that I couldn't even imagine facing but it has prepared me for the real world. I also felt that Euclid could've did better on the academic side and pushing/helping those who needed that extra boost to do better. I've gained relationships with many people that I hope to make connections with in the near future. Not all of the teachers truly cared about the education of each child but there were a few that truly stood out and showed that the success of a student and their mentality isn't revolved around the system that we have become brainwashed by. For those very teachers and counselors, I am grateful for.
I graduated from Euclid High school two years ago. It was the best experience of my life. With playing sports and going to school the teachers made it easier for me by offering extra help. There was always help if you ever needed it with whatever College, School work, etc.
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