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Etowah is a place where you can learn. I enjoyed my time there, but definitely would not want to go back. It was overall a fine experience, but many adults there simply do not understand the work loads and stress students are under.
One thing I really love about Etowah are the teachers - they are engaged in making sure I get the best out of my education, and very involved in my academic life. I also love our tutoring center, one of the only ones in Georgia, where I can tutor my peers and become a better student myself. One thing I would like to see change is the availability of scholarships and college information that is offered.
Etowah High School is filled with resources for students along with clubs, after school activities, and electives that help kids find what they love. Whether someone is shy or bold and outgoing, there is a class of interest or a hobby they can embrace with the courses provided at Etowah High and their dreams are encouraged by the many talented teachers and peers amongst them.
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High school can be dreaded by some, but to others it can be the best times of their life. Etowah seems like it has been around forever and with that being said it's school spirit is still alive and better than ever.
My experience is different than probably a lot of people because i took the highest rigor classes i could. The teachers were good and informative and i was plenty entertained outside of that due to the extracurricular activities such as marching band and math team.
Awesome academically, and very broad selection of classes. Would like a more diverse and accepting demeanor in the school.
I loved my high school! As a student, you always felt included in everything. The school spirit was definitely something to brag about here.
It is a big school with great teachers, diverse student population, and very competitive athletic programs.
The overall environment was amazing. The teachers were always ready to help. Everyone there truly wanted you to succeed. They pushed you just enough to get you to where you needed to be.
I enjoyed the campus at Etowah. The school has a beautiful outside campus. I also enjoyed the athletics programs at Etowah. I played volleyball for two years. I feel the teachers should more involved with the students. Teachers have more tutoring or extra credit opportunities, if a student is struggling in their class.
Etowah High School is a fairly average 9-12 grade high school. Academically it usually has fairly good results. Quite a lot of funding goes into many different sports, and there are clubs or teams for almost any topic, including sports, academics, recreation, or fine arts. The fine arts department is not nearly as well funded as the sports teams, but the teachers are extremely talented. The current Chorus director, William Hall, has been able to take his top chorus to ACDA Southern Regionals. The EHS baseball team has placed in the state or regionals for the past 2 years. However, the campus is fairly old and run-down, with quite a few insects and other creatures. The campus is split by a road, and it takes roughly 8-9 minutes to walk from one side to the other. Overall, Etowah High School is fairly average, but is known for being one of the better public schools in the Metro-Atlanta area.
Etowah high school was an excellent high school. I enjoyed my whole high school experience. Etowah had amazing teachers that were very invested in their students education. The school had an amazing campus that really prepared you for a actual college campus with how big it was.
It was an ok school. Not much drama. Everybody is pretty chill. I was very ready to graduate thoe. But that’s with any school. My 4 years went by extremely fast thoe.
I have loved all my school has had to offer all 4 years I have been a student. I have participated in sports at Etowah and as a female athlete it has proven very successful.
It is a good school where teachers try to help the students with extra work and help them to become better individuals. I enrolled there during my junior year and it’s been good.
Not a bad environment, nice campus. More open than indoors with separate buildings for all the subjects, kind of like a college or university.
Etowah provided me with a great high school experience. They offer many AP classes, which I was able to take in place of some college courses. It is a great school with a great student body.
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The best thing about this school would be it’s focus on CTAE classes such as Veterinary Science and Basic Agricultural class. The school also focuses on keeping the school clean in terms of drugs and alcohol and keeping bully as low as reported.
At Etowah high school there is a lot of potential. If you can go to class every day And study for the tests you are sure to succeed and learn. The teachers offer help at every corner, And they made me more than ready for when I switched to dual enrollment. The food of the school wasn't that great, although the administration is very helpful to help you move forward in your future. The location of the school was pretty good as it is in a growing community and is in a safe area. Overall the school was very great compared to other schools I had been too, I would suggest it a friend if they were looking for a good school in the state of Georgia.
While I may be biased due to attending the school for nearly four years myself, it truly is an excellent place to get an education. While I only have experience in AP and honors classes, I truly feel adequately prepared to take on whatever college and life in general throw at me. Despite this, there are some things that the school could possibly tweak. One of these factor is the administration, or more specifically the new principal that now runs the school. Instead of the fun yet serious attitude of his predecessor, this man runs the school like a prison filled with miscreants; this seems to create somewhat of a toxic environment at times as he evens seems to bully proficient teachers .
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