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I am proud to be graduating from Etowah high school this school year. I am also glad that I am safe at school and that the staff is preparing me for life outside of school.
Etowah high school was such an amazing experience. The faculty and staff are so kind and generous to others.
My experience at Etowah High School has been phenomenal. I have never seen a teacher turn a student down for help. That is something that really impacts the students at Etowah High School, the teachers care. They are willing and ready to help with anything they can or direct you to someone that can help. They help to get you involved with the school while still keeping the focus on schoolwork and goal-setting.
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There needs to be a better sense of fairness and equality. There is too much of a this person is better than that person atmosphere. The new administration chooses favorites and those people get all the perks.
I love everything about Etowah High School. The teachers are hands on and go above and beyond to ensure that you learn the curriculum. They offer a variety of sports and club activities.
The advanced placement programs are excellent and they are wonderful at helping with college placement. The arts programs are woefully underfunded. The art , choir, and band departments need more funding.
Etowah is a place of many words. Due to my experience with Etowah, I give it an average score. Out of the many things I like about Etowah, my favorite would be the art department where a student can be themselves and really explore their creative mind. One thing I would like to see changed however is the favoritism over sports be run down and allow equal chances for other things to be noticed.
Etowah High School os the best school for you and your children to get involved at. We offer so many clubs and activities. If you’re thinking about joining our Blue Devil sports, then you have the right mindset. Our football team, as of 2017, are Class 5A Region Champions! Our Baseball team is fantastic. Track, Volleyball, Basketball, Fishing, Golf, Bowling, and so many more teams at Etowah High School is very competitive and have good sportsmanship. So if you’re haven’t decided yet, choose Etowah High School as your high school to attend! Go Big Blue!!!!
Etowah High School is a very good school. The counselor and teachers have been very helpful on making sure I know what to do to get myself prepared and into college.
My experience were very good and what I like most is that the teachers will help you learn and prepare you for the next grade level. There isn't much a change that needs to be done.
Etowah was a great high school. My favorite thing about Etowah was the teachers. They cared about us like their own flesh in blood. One thing etowah can improve on is more college fairs and job fairs
Etowah is a decent high school though the band deserves better and so does the jrotc program
But otherwise it is a good school with good teachers
I love my high school, because of the rigor of the classwork and amazing faculty. The facility needs some help, but with that aside Etowah High School is am amazing place where I have spent six of my school years.
The school nurse follows protocols and is nice, offering the best care she can. The armed police officer is a fixture, often making security sweeps and monitoring security cameras. The students are told the most recent drills, and the drills are practiced. I especially appreciate the new gunman procedure- if someone comes after us in class, rather than hide like sitting ducks, we know to attack and defend ourselves, and to run if we are not immediately in the area of the shooter.
Science Club, Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Library Club, Drama Club, Art Club, Key Club, SADD, FFA, Student Leadership Team, JROTC, and more. There are lots of field trips, community service opportunities, and State and National competitions. The students love attending drama club productions and greatly support their award- winning marching band. School events are plentiful and well attended, even though they frequently are used as fundraisers, thus requiring the purchase of a ticket. the teachers and administration are open to the student's thoughts.
The faculty are amazing and supportive, often true friends while still teaching. The atmosphere is simple- learn and relax. The AP classes, though difficult, are quality courses that teach necessary skills. The school is oriented to preparing students for life, whether that means going to college or beginning careers. There is extensive agriculture, shop, childcare, and other career technical classes, as well as easy access to the Career Technical School, for classes such as electronic engineering, collision repair, and more. The medical classes include Clinicals, where qualified students interested in the medical field can travel to a hospital or other medical facility to assist practitioners in their chosen field, receiving hands-on training. There is a wealth of school spirit, especially during football season.
The teachers at my school do the best they can with what they are given. Several teachers go out of there way to help students, either by tutoring during their planning period/ off block when they could be grading papers or staying after school to give tutoring sessions. Many give up even more time, planning fun new ways for information to be learned. Several of the AP teachers tailor their lessons to their students learning styles. In some cases, classes become families, with a free exchange of perspectives flowing to reach all students. Some teachers give out their cell phone numbers and support their students in a crisis or celebrate with them for exciting events. They encourage and believe in the students and refuse to give up on them.
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My favorite experience in this school is when my science teacher took his class on a field trip to a biotech company that specializes in evaluating neurological disorders and understand how they are developed and find cures.
If I had to choose Etowah High School all over again, I definitely would. I've met people some awesome friends that I will talk to for the rest of my life and I know they would be here for me if I ever needed them. There's awesome teachers that I spent more time with then my own parents. They kinda become your family when you spend all day with them. What's unique about my school is the variety of classes there is to take. When I first came to high school I wanted to be a cosmetologist, so I took cosmetology and absolutely hated it. I thought maybe I wanted to be a nurse and I took our health science class. We had to do a project and had to research about 2 careers we would like to do. I researched a nurse and I also researched a pharmacist just because I thought it was cool. After I researched a nurse I realized I did not want to be a nurse and I wanted to be a pharmacist. With our variety of classes that we have is what makes Etowah High School unique
This school is great for someone that is from a small town. It provides challenging classes, a growing variety of sports and clubs and is ran by overall great teachers.
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