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I love the teachers of EHS they are so nice and really care about your education. With that being said Etna High does not have the best resources because we are so small of a school. It is almost like we are our own little world where we all know each other and know everything everybody does. We have class sizes of any where from 25 to 50 and everyone has grown up with the same students for as long as we all can remember. I feel like this does not prepare us for the real world so college is a huge step for students graduating from EHS and may come as a culture shock to some.
EHS does its best but isn't equipped to turn out competitive graduates. Many of the teachers put in great effort, but the core subjects are sorely lacking.
Etna Union High School is a school set in it's ways and continues to be small minded in a small atmosphere that is a small town. For kids who do not want to aspire to outgrow Scott Valley, this is an excellent school. For anyone else who wants to be more than a farmer and or rancher or logger, this is not a good school in any way shape or form.
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I like that we live in a small rural area and that the school is small and friendly. Unfortunately the smallness of the school hinders the classes and opportunities that are offered at our school. We are rural so there is not an opportunity to take college courses. There is not a lot of extra curricular opportunities for clubs & groups. The school district struggles financially as well. An with most small schools the politics and favoritism is exceptionally high.
In Etna Union High School, I loved the small class size, the ability for one-on-one time with teachers, and the feelings of connection between class mates.
Extracurriculars at our school include only sports, Key Club, and FFA.
Bullying is prevalent, the school nurse is there once a week, otherwise the school is okay.
Most of the punishments and policies are fair and necessary, which makes the administration effective and likeable
The core classes and subjects leave a lot to be desired.
Most of the school is white and the rest are mostly mexican, past that we have about 3 african americans, 4 asians, and 20 american indians
Most of the teachers know less about their subjects than the students do. I wish that the teachers cared more about the student's education than their paychecks.
There should be way more activities for the students
A lot of our student body is involved in sports, but unfortunately some of the sports are given more funding and more attention.
Our guidance counselors are awesome, you don't have to make appointments and they are very good at answering questions. Our staff are also very helpful and both the counselors and the staff care so much about us. Our school is very old and needs updates, but we have no money to make it nicer.
We have had several gun threats and intruders on campus, but the police in our community have been very diligent towards these threats. We also have a couple of students that pass out regularly and we are fortunate to have some teachers that are very competent in these areas and many of our students are EMT s or training to be emergency personnel.
We have a good menu and some awesome food, but there are no dietary options and no allergy accommodations. I bring a home lunch almost everyday, because I choose to eat healthier, but many of the meals at our school are rather elaborate and yummy.
Over my four years at Etna High I have had at least 5 teachers who are awful teachers. I had a math teacher for two years that knew less about math and teaching than most of his students. One kid in our class had to teach us how to do the math, because our own teacher couldn't. We have about 6 teachers at our school who go above and beyond to teach us and help us get to college, but unfortunately we don't have a consistency of teachers at our school, some are good and some are bad.
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We have a lot of sports teams and many of the students are involved in the sports and attend the games. We don't have very nice facilities and the soccer team has to practice at another school because we don't have a field for them. There is a very specific sports crowd and it is kinda hard to get into that group if you aren't popular or very athletic.
I really like my school and the students in it, but since our school is so small, last year I had the same teacher 3 times in one day. I learned so much about that teacher's personality that I truly can't stand. Now I have that same teacher again this year and I hate that class. The students are so friendly, but we still have a lot of cliques. There is a definite in group and out group I tend to float in between because I don't think people should be segregated like that.
Our dress code policies are really strict for the first week of school then nobody really cares of notices what is being worn. We have a really low tolerance for fighting and almost all fights are resolved in school. Bullying is still really prevalent in our school and none of the staff ever pick up on it. There are many students that avoid people and parts of the campus because of judgement and being singled out.
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