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The one things I enjoy most about Etiwanda high school is that the majority of the teachers show how much they care about their students by trying to do things based on what would better help us. Some things I think could change would be the
Etiwanda was a great high school to attend. As a freshman, I immediately was intrigued by all the different elective opportunities, the different sports available and the fine art programs such as dance and theater. I loved all of my teachers and felt well supported academically.
I really enjoyed my four years here. It has really prepared me for college and allowed me to create connections with people in my future career as well.
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Etiwanda High School has a friendly environment that has the teachers that will ease your way into how the class works. Mostly every person you meet will be kind and friendly. But the food they present the students isn't up to par with the other schools.
Etiwanda was a very positive environment for learning as i attended for two years. The school had a very energetic student body when I attended and there was always something going on. The principal was always in a good mood and he seemed to really have a concern for the students that attended Etiwanda. Overall, I enjoyed going to Etiwanda, the only thing I would have changed was the lunch selection and pricing.
I liked that the classes at this school challenged me for the most part and the different types of electives you could choose from. One thing that I would like to see change are the space in the classrooms. There are many students who go to this school and some classes are overcrowded, so some walking space between the rows of desks would be appreciated.
What I enjoyed most about Etiwanda is everyone’s desire to go further in life and the faculty trying their best to help the students reach their dreams. Everyday I go is tiring, but I’m glad to be a student here.
I went to this school for all my 4 years and it has been the best experience. Most of the people were nice and respected you and thats what made my 4 years go by.Filled with many memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.
Etiwanda 's campus is bursting with energy and school spirit. A lot of people put tons of work into keeping the school a lively place, including ASB, and the academics are as good as an American public school can achieve. Despite this, the overall American school system is desparately in need of reform, and that need is visible on Etiwanda's campus. An example of a suitable campus for the American youth is present in the following link, which presents a fictional high school designed by my peers and I in our AP English class.
You have many resources but staff experiences are not the best. There are a variety of clubs and activities during lunch, before school, and after school.
This also includes the different electives and classes available to student throughout their four years. Overall the school is a good school.
My experience in coming to Etiwanda High was at first frightful, but it wasn't like that to their eyes. They welcomed every student with open arms with the Link Crew members and showed us that all students no matter the background mattered. I immediately made friends and was able to gain academic knowledge at an advance rate with teachers and staff members that taught students with passion and heart. The extracurricular activities here were very active to the point where students would stay at school for over two hours just to be dedicated in what they love to do. My overall experience here was amazing. Even if they are still developing as a school with new buildings and new classes, it felt like a complete high school experience.
My daughter just graduated from Etiwanda High school and it was great. Principal Jaramillo and his staff were all very good at what they do but especially in making parents and students feel welcomed. My daughter's counselor Nick Romero was with her every step of the way. He met with her in the beginning, middle, and end of year to see how she was doing and what steps were needed for her to complete the A-G requirements for UC and CSU along with high school graduation requirements. When in doubt he was always there to guide both her as a student and us as first time college parents. Teacher's had no problem communicating with us parents via phone, emails, and/or in person. The district's school loop made it easy for students and parents to keep track of daily grades, attendance, and activities. I have 3 more children that will be attending high school in the next few years and I know they'll have fun but most of all all the support to succeed. Go Eagle Pride!
My experience at Etiwanda High School is great because the teachers are very involved with their students and always put in extra time try to find ways to help their students better understand their class and get a better grade.
Etiwanda is very diverse which is great but the counselors are poor and some teachers are too. I would like to see the staff actually listen to the students and let them solve problems instead of only changing when parents get involved. Plus there’s overcrowding. My senior class had over 900 students.
I completely liked the availability of different AP classes and how they help individuals know what they like or don't like to do which can be taken into consideration for their careers. Nothing negative to say about Etiwanda, perhaps improving traffic flow in the morning would be a consideration.
Overall I experienced an average high school life at Etiwanda, other than the major scandals such as multiple bomb and shooting threats and administrative affair with a student. I was able to learn what I needed to in order to attend San Diego State University.
While at Etiwanda, I really liked how there were many teachers who went above and beyond to push students to achieve academic success.
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Etiwanda High School is a school that has a very well known marching band that has travel to perform in London on New Year’s Eve. Their faculty has the best AP teachers that provide with excellent results on pass rates for AP exams. This school is a school of diversity unlike other schools in our district. We may seem like the poorest or have a bad reputation but that’s because of rumors other students in other schools say. We are a hard working school that has finally had enough to rebuild parts of old buildings and transform them into new buildings for future generations. The teachers are amazing but the security isn’t. They really don’t do much but stare at their phones and chit chatting with students who don’t want to be at school as well as ram through crowds of students trying to get to class on their golf carts.
The thing I liked about this high school was it was very diverse and I got to really see the kind of people I connect with. It was the place where I met my greatest friends, people who I know will help me get through anything. I also liked that some of the teachers showed new and a different ways of teaching and without them showing different ways I would of never have found the best way for me to be able to learn.
Etiwanda is an unexpectedly good school. Taking the best classes the school has to offer will award you not only with stuff to put on your braglist, but also some valuable experiences. The top teachers here value preparing you for the college teaching style, among other things.
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