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Ethel Walker fosters a great environment that empowers girls. It creates a safety bubble for them to develop their ideas and character. However, I feel that it is too much of a utopia. Their academics are good but not the best for a private school. They do not provide much structure in clubs and activities.
Going into this school I knew I was going to be miserable. The place is all girls, which means it's full of feminism and a bunch of other BS. People who aren't white believe that the girls that are white are privileged and snobby and racist. Everyone is overly sensitive, it's a shame.
As someone familiar with secondary schools, this school is by far one of the best in Connecticut and New England. The value for the school, the total immersion of teachers in the student's lives and the diversity of offerings is significantly better than many other schools.
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I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Ethel Walker School. The school's holistic approach to education has prepared me not only for higher education but for life. Through the various seminars and co-curricular activities, I have learned about various things: the importance of sisterhood,leadership,social justice, taxes and mortgages, self defense, the value of teamwork and the importance in giving back. The Ethel Walker is school is where the fountain of women's empowerment is located. I am leaving having drank from that fountain and feeling confident in my capabilities as a student and leader.
There are more things I liked than want to see changed. The sports programs here are great and the diversity is better than many of other prep schools. The food hasnt been too good but it is definitely improving. Overall the campus has a friendly enviroment and a good community. Homework loads are pretty large but most teachers are considerate and care for the students well being. Every school has its ups and downs but one thing is for sure, I am definitely going to miss all of the great people I meet at this magical place.
This is a school that doesn't really know what its mission is. They are just muddling along, a relic of an era when prestige and WASP-y wealth was enough to get by. Now that the school actually has to do more than host riding shows--i.e.--provide excellent pedagogy and set itself apart as unique for something OTHER than being girls-only, it is lost. It was innovative in 1911, but it can longer ride on something from 100 years ago.
I have loved being an Ethel Walker student! Ethel Walker has allowed me to come out of my shell and gain so much confidence. Ethel Walker has opened my eyes to be able to see and understand the rest of the world from so many different perspectives, and helped me to realize my full potential to make an impact. I will be forever grateful that I chose Ethel Walker.
Attended EWS and loved my time there. The facilities are beautiful, new sports center opened last year. Faculty really cares about each individual girl and takes the time to get to know you and to encourage you to do your best at all times. The school is not afraid to tackle difficult topics head on, they value diversity, honesty and respect. I played soccer, basketball and softball and loved every minute of it. The school has great opportunities for girls to explore their passion .
Ethel Walker is a great school with a close knit community of girls who support each other. The school has many great traditions that keep all students active and engaged in the community. There is support available for first time boarders that helps prepare students for college.
I stuck it out the 4 years and glad I did. Some times I wanted to leave but 2 teachers, y equestrian coach, 3 horses, my advisor and head dorm parent made it impossible. Now I am glad to call myself an alum. And try to go back as much as possible to visit teacher, faculty and the 4 legged creatures across the street.
Academics are ok but you have to be demanding to get into advanced classes. They also removed AP classes so getting into certain colleges might be a bit difficult.
If you are an equestrian looking for a top school EWS is great
My favorite thing about Walker's is the community. There is no divide between boarders and day students, seniors and freshmen, or teachers and students. People want each other to succeed, and I have found an amazing group of friends.
My experience at Ethel Walker school was wonderful. The curriculum was a few years ahead then it was in public schools. Different sports was available throughout the school year according to the seasons. Also, the food was outstanding. They served breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I love going here. I have been exposed to so many ideas and beliefs- I feel ready to tackle the diversity and size of a collegiate student body. I have been given a multitude of opportunities here, many of which have helped to solidify what I want to do in college and in my career. I will be so sad to leave this place that I have called home for so long.
There are enough clubs and organizations for everyone in the community to participate. Students are also able to make their own clubs if the ones available aren't within their interests.
I've spent 7 years at Walkers, and I have loved every minute of my time here. From spending hours baking with my teachers, to cheering on my Spirit Club during Dogswood Day, each experience has helped me grow into the person I am today. My time at Ethel Walker has been amazing and I will be forever grateful for each opportunity presented to me. The students, from Day 1, welcomed me into their community, and the teachers have worked to teach me both about the world and about myself.
The teachers go above and beyond to provide students with the education that they'll take outside the classroom and apply to real world situations.
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Bullying is very rare at Walker's. However, when incidents do arise, they are dealt with swiftly and appropriately. The campus is very safe -- all students, faculty, and staff are issued IDs which grant access to our public spaces as well as the dorms. Those without an ID are not permitted to enter any buildings. At night, both a security guard and security vehicle are present to monitor the grounds.

The schools does a great job of informing students about ways to protect and maintain good health. All sophomores are required to attend a seminar taught by the school nurse in which they learn more about women's health. A nurse is available on campus before, during, and after classes, while a doctor is on-call during the night hours.
Students have the option to join one of the dozen clubs on campus, or create their own club/organization. The clubs on campus are very active with regular meeting as well as frequent outreach into the community.
Your experience is what you make of it. There are numerous resources and opportunities the school presents to its students which will are all encouraged to take -- dozens of clubs and sports activities, travel abroad options, as well as many leadership opportunities. I can say I enjoyed my time at Walker's because I made sure to take advantage of the resources and opportunities presented to me. The community itself is very welcoming and supportive.
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