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Ethel I. Baker Elementary School Reviews

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The School is in a low income friendly neighborhood. The overall safety is good. Bullying seems to be not noticed by the staff but what I have observed, I think it needs to be fixed. The police would come after school for events like soccer. The school nurse is available but not brought to attention. The health programs are very rare and they are not around as much. The health programs I have been to are fitness, healthy eating, and dental care.
There could be more funded programs for students to enjoy other than START.
My favorite experience was playing tether ball at recess. The students are friendly when playing games with other students but they do not play fair games with the rules. Recess was my favorite because sometimes they gave us extra time. I liked how there was an opportunity to be part of choir. I remember in 6th grade when I got bullied, the teacher and principal were very up to it and they checked to see if I was okay after I reported it. After all the school does not handle or recognize bullying that well but after you make a report, the staff are friendly and understanding. They do something about the bullying case. After I reported the bullying, I earned respect. I would not choose this school again if I can do it all over because I think I deserved a better education and I think people could of stopped bullying me. Although the school was closer to my home, I think I could of gotten a better , funded education at another school.
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The teachers could of done a better job with their lessons. Before I transferred to this school for 5th Grade, I did a lot better at my old school than I did here. I did not do good at this school because I had poor quality education. The teachers can be rude and mean. From my experience, my 5th grade teacher was a bit rude and misunderstood. I had to take Saturday classes which helped me succeed better but overall the teachers need to update their lesson plans and make learning more engaging. Their teaching is average but I think it needs to improve and it is not really helping lower achieving students to do well. I like to class discussions that talks about real life examples. Since this school has low test scores, I think it is best if they do test prep to help students go higher. The teachers care about every students but at the same time some teachers seem like they are not taking the chances to get to know their students. My teachers never updated me with my grades, so I did not know how I was doing and what I need to improve on other than parent teacher conferences. I wish the teachers could talk individually to every student and let them know their grades. I think if you are well focused in school, you would do well here. In my personal opinion, the academics at this school needs to improve.
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