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The teachers at Ethel Highschool are amazing to me. They are always helpful and know how to talk to you. That is by far my favorite experience. We just got a new principal this year and I believe he is doing an awesome job. I feel that the criteria for the school should change. Grade requirements and anything concerning that should be made better.
When I left the safety measures were being taken more seriously and the staff were getting more involved. 2018
The thing about Ethel High is that it's a small, rural school that isn't very known. It's the type of school that's sanctioned off yet that's what makes it unique in its own way. I've encountered many kind and gentle people be it students or teachers that have helped me through the years I've spent there. It's a school that you can connect to without realizing you have. It's like a second home.
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I would like to have our teachers and staff more involved with our journey to furthering our education.
some parents are ridiculous and only think about what's best for their kid, not anyone else.
most of the teachers are really nice and knowledgable, but some are very strict and have ridiculous ways of teaching; meaning their way of teaching is hard for people to understand. other than those select few, the teachers are pretty great!
If your child is not an A+ student, they will make sure they will never be, including recommending dropping out of school...the sports coach Schuster is a complete disgrace to the sports faculty...the counselor Viola Adcock does not meet the criteria of being a upstanding adult for any child to have to deal with. There are a few good teachers left, but as far as being able to tolerate teenagers, I don't think they were well trained. No child left behind? This school will leave your child so far behind they'll never succeed or have the desire to succeed...
not much to choose from...same choices every week!!!
It's available but the coaches do not take it seriously!!!!!!
The reason I would not choose this school is, the faculty and staff are closely related, the coaches show no concern for the athletes that has abilities and skills, the students aren't pushed to do their best!!!!
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