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It is a great small school. It gives you a sense of family because the classes are so small and everyone is so close to each other. The teachers are amazing and no matter what will help you to pass the class. If you are struggling with something you can go up to any teacher and they will help you work through it.
The teachers are extremely nice, but the options for classes are scarce. The food in the cafeteria is awful, but administration allows you to leave and go to the gas station or to your house to eat lunch if you desire. The school is enveloped in sports greatly therefore the fine arts department lacks big time.
I loved being part of a small community and small school. I got to know my teachers on such a personal level and learned a great deal about school and life from them. I also was apart of a small class, so I grew great friendships and memories with some amazing people that I know I'll stay in contact with for a long time after high school.
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Ethan High School was a small school with approximately 80 kids in the high school. Since it was small in numbers, it provided a lot of opportunities for me to participate in a lot of activities. The student to teacher ratio was low which provided us with individual attention and assistance. I would not trade my school for any other high school.
There is a great variety of academic subjects to take.
There is a great amount of different students and everyone is nice.
A lot of kids are involved in sports and everyone is very active.
The teachers are very friendly and are always there to help.
It is fun to go to. I love the school and have grown up here.
I love learning and growing together as a close class of twelve. The teachers always push you to do your best and encourage you. There is always someone to talk to if you are having a bad day.
It is a fun community and environment to be in but sometimes it is not very fun.
For a small school we have a pretty good array of computers and laptops. The school is pretty updated and modern for the most part so it won't feel like you are in the past. There isn't a big selection of classes so most anything exotic will have to be taken as an online class. There is no set tutoring, all you can do is ask a few friends to help out. There is only one counselor, and she's gone quite a bit it seems. She does okay if you go ask her for stuff, but doesn't directly bring us the important information like scholarship applications. You will have to ask for it to get the important stuff.
The teachers are great and put up with a lot, but there is a few too many students that argue about everything. A fair amount of students will argue with the teachers over the smallest things and just throw fits. The majority of us will tell them they are not impressing anyone, but they continue to argue over small things. Besides that, there's the usual mix of crazy people and friendly people. Overall everyone is pretty easy to talk to and easy to fit in.
Teachers are great. Classes are small and they'll work with you if you need any extra help.
There is a very small selection of food, and it's most of it is pre-packaged food that usually doesn't taste good. There are only some occasional foods that taste okay. We don't get salt and pepper, and have very few condiments to add when we have something like tacos. We don't even get BBQ sauce anymore except for like two lunches. There is very little variety on the salad bar and the snack vending machine doesn't even work so there's nothing in it. Overall, it's pretty much eating blah-tasting food all year long except for the occasional semi-decent lunch or when some good fruit is put on the salad bar.
Our school is pretty relaxed on dress code, but no tank tops or short shorts. We don't really have to worry about punishments much because there isn't a whole lot of issues. Any issues that happen, are dealt with properly and reasonably.
Our school only offers a few kinds of extracurriculars. For what we have, it's not all that bad but it'd be nice if we had more clubs or additional sports. Personally I enjoy golf, but all of extracurriculars are pretty decent.
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I enjoy my school. It's small in size, I know basically everybody, and it's very close to my home. Our classes all know each other rather well, even if not everyone is the best of friends. We've been together since kindergarten and everyone who started here is still here, even though people have come and gone throughout the years. The school has an okay variety of things to experience, and the teachers are great. Our school has never had any major issues with danger, so it's nice being in a safe, calm community. I hate to even think of doing another 13 years of school all over again, but if I were to choose another school, it would be a school with four-day weeks because I just love the idea of having three-day weekends.
I would estimate about 70-80% students participate in at least one sport per year. Our school is actually pretty good when it comes to athletics, especially football in the last few years. The football team has won a few state championships in the last few years. There is always tons of people at the games to support, but not everyone is a peppy ball of excitement. For our small school, our gym is actually pretty decent and is somewhat updated. We recently got new lighting in the gym so it's quite a bit brighter and the floors are in great condition. Our football field is rather old-school, and could definitely use some updating. The field itself is only eighty yards long and doesn't even have lights for evening games. There is only a few bleachers so most of the crowd stands during the games. Many people who are big fans have said they'd be willing to put money forth to build field lighting, but I don't know how those plans are going. For track & field, we are combined with a local school and use their facilities, which are pretty decent. For golf, we play at a local nine-hole golf course for practice. Since we are a small school I can't complain too much, and I approve of our sports programs for the most part.
Our school offers all of the general college prep classes, a fair amount of electives, and plenty of online classes. All of the teachers are great people, and are very nice, but there are definitely some favorites. No class is particularly a favorite, but everyone seems to like our English and Science teacher the most.
We recently this year switched to Eight-Block scheduling and a lot of the students aren't fans of it. We can only have one or two study halls, so some days homework just piles up and having to have it all done by the next day is sometimes stressful. It's even worse when we have multiple tests or quizzes on one day and have to try and study for all of them.
Overall though, classes aren't too hard but sometimes it'd be nice if we still had four classes a day, instead of eight, even if they are shorter.
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