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Ethan B. Allen Elementary School Reviews

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Ethan Allen has...
-decent food
-great teachers/activities
-some annoying students (like little cutter girl who cuts in line and Jeff's gang)
-mainly good/nice students
-fun activities
-fundraisers (pennies for patients, etc.)
-events (color wars)
I'm giving 4, but if it weren't for stupid cutter, I would vote 5 for SURE (I don't care about Jeff's gang)
I love this school! My son goes here and he loves it! He loves the programs, the teachers, everything! He doesn't want to leave this school but knows he will eventually have to. GO ETHAN ALLEN MOUNTAINEERS!!!
Teachers are great. However, due to large classroom, teachers do not have adequate time with all of the children.
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The school is too small for the number of students that it serve. The campus should be twice as large to adequately accommodate the growing student body.
The school is in the process of modernization.
This is an elementary school, therefore no clubs exist.
The student have a very active student's government. The student body is mostly Asian who have assimilated well into the culture.
Teachers does an excellent job of preparing students for the coming year. They explained to the students what they can expect and the right way to be prepared.
School principal is very hands-on. His presence is known at every events. He deals with any problems in a timely manner. He speaks to the children in a way that helps them to understand what they did wrong and how they can make it right.
I've heard of incidents of bullied at the school, but neither my child or his friends have been witnessed to it. I know that the matter is dealt with quickly by the teacher and the administration as told to me by other parents.
Teachers are at the forefront in teaching methodology.
Teachers are proactive and try to provide some sorts of team sports which students can voluntarily participate in.
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