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Estrella Foothills High School Reviews

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Estrella is an alright school, the teachers are engaging, students aren't cliquey, and the block schedule is okay in my opinion.
Estrella Foothills High School provided many opportunities for me to learn about the arts, about science, and about student leadership. I am glad that I was able to attend EFHS and I feel that the upper level classes there prepared me for the college experience.
Beautiful safe campus. Overall very relaxed teaching style and very easy relationships to create with teachers. My only complaint is that there aren’t enough languages to learn. Spanish may be helpful in the long run, but learning other languages can also be a very rewarding experience.
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Estrella foot hills is very welcoming, the school is always very supportive as you go day to day. All the counselors RECOMMEND you go and see them about anything. Students are very friendly and if your alone they talk to you and see if you want to sit with them.
I like the friendliness of the community and the excellent academic program. They offer multiple classes that will challenge you or another student to be successful and ready for college.
I liked the small class room sizes and the relationships I was able to build with my teachers. I wish EFHS would have offered more elective classes.
A great school with plenty of opportunities. The teachers were great and there isn't any improvement that need to be made.
The teachers care for their students and their education. Rules are fair and the student environment is tolerable.
i like about estrella is that there isn’t a lot of people there to over crowd it. it is a very technological school with high standards. i would like to see the atmosphere change a little like as envolvment with students.
Estrella Foothills High School was an amazing school! The teachers and staff are always pushing you and motivating you to work hard. They push you to strive and to try out new things. As a student you always feel comfortable to express yourself and to try new classes or sports. I encouraged my little sisters to attend this school themselves. Shes now a Junior and she loves it. My little sister now says she is going there too. I am proud to say I was a student at Estrella Foothills High School.
I loved the staff of Estrella Foothills. A lot of the teachers and coaches want their students/athletes to succeed in all fields. I grew very close to most of my teachers and I still have close friendships with them, to this day. I learned a lot about myself while being at this school. It set me up for a bright future and for that, I am grateful.
They have several programs which are enriching to the students such as their drama, art and sports programs. The faculty members are always there to answer questions and it's a very friendly environment. It is challenging and will assist the student in obtaining their goals to go onto further education.
What I like about Estrella foothills is that its a small high school so class sizes aren't very big, and the lunches at Estrella are not bad at all the pizza is alright and the sandwiches are pretty good to be honest. I also like the fact that they serve free breakfast in the morning. Some things I would change about it would be to get some better math teachers and I also wish the school was a lot more diverse. It's mainly populated by white people which is not very fun at all, I wish the school was more diverse.
I love the acceptance my school provides. I wish their was French taught at Estrella but, it is an excellent school.
There are some great teachers at Estrella Foothills who are committed to their students. These teachers/faculty who care are the reason why I continue to attend Foothills.
I would like to see my teachers put more effort into their classes and their lessons. Most of the class period consists of busy work, and simple assignments to keep you busy. I am in the class to learn, and my teachers hardly clarify their lessons or review. So when a test comes along, I am mostly unprepared.
I like most of the teachers and feel like they match my enthusiasm about learning. There is one counselor that is terrible, but there is two others you can talk to instead.
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I have spent all four years at Estrella and have loved almost every minute of it. There have been countless events where I have made memories I will forever cherish. As a member of Student Body and Spiritline, I have attempted to put together events that I felt would be a great memory before leaving high school. However, the events rarely got approved because of our strict principal. Meanwhile, other schools in our district would get the same events approved. This was always discouraging, but I still managed to have a wonderful four years as an Estrella Foothills High School student.
what i liked about Estrella Foothills High school was the teachers were and the strategy of them teaching
Estrella Foothills High School is an amazing institution with helpful teachers and guidance counselors. The overall environment is amazing and the people here have helped me prepare for my future.
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