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I love the diversity of my school. Everyone who is involved in the school will help you pursue your future career and your number one college you want to go to. However, the only thing need to change is the clubs and activities because we need more activities after school.
More resources for students. Last year's freshmen took gov and econ, which is a senior class, but the sophomores were not allowed to take it, what kind of mess is that?
Estill High School is a great school. Teachers at this school love to see their students learn. Being a student at Estill High School there was many people there to encourage me to do my best at things I believe I couldn't do.
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The health is good, but the safety...not so good!
This school and the people in it are not at all caring.
Some of the teachers here don't really care.
When I was there, some of the officers were really slack, but I heard that things are getting better.
Most of the things that they have are sports, very few clubs.
There are some who don not do a thing, but there are some that do what needs to be done.
Everyone is encouraged to do their best in school, but most of the time the students choose not to apply themselves.
Most try their hardest, but most of the time the students run out the teachers without giving them an hope.
There are not enough people to helpout, everyone has about three or four different jobs to do.
Everything school-wide is okay could be better.
My overall experience at the school so far was okay.
The food is okay could be much better.
School nurse here sometimes work in the main office instead of hers. Not much safety here.
Our school has a few people from different ethnics but not many.
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Parent involvement is terrible at our school only a few parents come to meetings. We lack a lot of basic materials.
it is okay they serve pretty good food
they are okay when you aren't on there bad side
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