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Very small campus which I loved. I was very close to my classmates and the teachers were amazing in assisting you to be a better student!
I think Estill County High School is a great school with great teachers who were able to help their students when they needed it.
The only way to survive is to be popular and to have lots of money. Otherwise you become nothing but a target. I have had so many bad experiences here. The content itself is also very poor. Disengaged teachers and uncontrollable students lead to a very terrible experience.
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Sport not be political and children get playing time for hard work, dedication,and discipline. Not just because of who u know.
I moved to Estill County my freshman year. I was worried that I wouldn’t make any friends, my teachers wouldn’t help me with my class and home work, but I was wrong. I love my friends and all my teachers! The school is a friendly environment and welcoming to students. Though, there have been ups and downs due to the low number of diversity for a students race, but if any rude comments were made towards me, a student or teacher would always stand up and say something.I cannot wait for my senior year to see what they have in store for me.
I am currently a senior at estill county high school and there are many things I love about this school. No matter how big or little your problems may be there will always be someone there for you. The teachers and stuff are the most caring people I have met. They have really played a role in my life, if it wasn't for certain teachers and stuff I wouldn't be on a good path.
It’s a great culture. The students are respectful. We have amazing food cooked by the nicest people. We have a nice clean campus. And some great teachers and amenatators.
I have experienced high school in many fabulous ways. I love wearing the big E on my shirt. The faculty are great and the students are the best. We have a lot of things to offer in estill.
Great school that offers many dual-credit courses to receive both high school and college credit. College readiness is stressed greatly in comparison to surrounding counties.
I like the teachers who works in the school,but the School district(Board of Education) sucks. Everytime there is a sickness and it's really bad like the whooping cough they won't close the school,because they want their money and I feel like they don't care about our kids safety or health.
What I like about this school is the people that I have met and made friends with and getting to be in the marching band program.
My real concerns are most of the teachers. Only and hand full of them seem to actually care about the education of the students that go here, and the rest seem very lethargic with their lessons and a lot of them seem to make remarks that have very strong sexist overtones toward the male students.
Other than that this school is okay.
I really enjoyed all of the teachers and faculty. They all work incredibly hard to make the students' high school experience a good one while giving us the best possible education that they can. If I could have changed one thing in my school it would have been to stop the use of drugs and alcohol. Drug and alcohol abuse has become an epidemic in our county and in our community. It deeply saddens me when students that are my age are already using these substances.
Everything seemed okay, learned quite a few things. Had good experiences with other students and made some friends. Didn't like the overall attitude of most of the teachers and staff. they could be very rude and careless, and it seemed that not many of them even care about to students here and was not willing to help them if they needed it.
School lunches are the worst. Since Obama has been in office.
Our sports team is ok
The teachers are really good. They care about the students and there are several that really go out of the way to help kids.
I think that the clubs and extra curricular activities that are provided are great. The students as well as myself really enjoy and take pride in the JROTC program. There are others as well like the following: FBLA, FFA, FCCLA,
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The counselors seem to really want you to succeed. They do all they can to help you get where you want to be when you graduate.
Dress code is all about who your parents are. If your parents are rich, and you're skinny and popular, you won't get called out.

They say that they do not discriminate, but homosexuals can't go to prom together. That's discrimination if you ask me.
There are not a lot of options, and being that we are a small school in Appalachia, not all of us can pay the entry fee.
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