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Estherville Lincoln Central High School is in a small community. They are a very successful school with a 92% graduation rate. They are very diverse and loving school. I would like to see them get a pool for students for physical education.
Everybody is very friendly and the learning environment is productive. The teachers really care about the students, and everybody looks out for one another.
We don't have a school nurse as our school financially cut them. Anything that involves bullying or harassment gets turned into the police and they have to fill out a report. There is a lot of anonymous people who turn in the underage drinking and parties. I don't ever feel unsafe but with the past events that have happened in Estherville it sometimes passes my mind.
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Some extra curricular activity clubs get more support than others. Favoritism plays a role throughout various activities and clubs.
Our parents have their own groups with kids. Any kids who are in sports that's a group and any kids who aren't are kind of isolated to themselves at events. Some groups of parents even named themselves their own group.
Our teachers do enough to get by with a good review from their boss. Student ideas are sometimes taken into consideration but not always. We have relied on school provided computers to much and there is a lot of off task students. If students continually fail some teachers may give up on them rather than sending them for help. There is a majority of teachers who do put their time in with the students.
The best part about school is your classmates being there with you and all the events that occur in high school. Sports were always a great experience to be apart of.
The teachers communicate well with their students. The teachers want you to succeed and will get you the extra help you need.
Had I known then what I know now, my kids would not have graduated from ELC. Both of my kids went on to state colleges and were WAY UNDER prepared as far as classes go. One of my children consulted the TA of their calculus college class and she was astounded that what they were struggling with was NOT taught in the AP class at ELC. There is a very strong emphasis on sports activities. We can build a new weight lifting room, pour a new track and construct a new football field, but we have ONE SCHOOL NURSE for three buildings (and no, the buildings are not all on the same property). I have a child with a medical condition that requires an inhaler. This student was told that they could NOT keep their inhaler with them and would have to go to the office if they were having an asthma attack and the nurse would be called to retrieve it. Um, NO! My child DID carry the inhaler with them.
At least they give you food.
Principal seems to take his job seriously.
Most of the teachers are nice and helpful.
We don't have a school nurse. If we need something we just go to the office lady. Bullying is an issue but nothing is done. No matter what the administrators say, it happens every single day. Safety policies are average. We have security cameras everywhere so they can keep an eye on us.
I think that the school offers a generous amount of technology to the students. Quality of the building, there is no air conditioning in the High School so when temperatures get about 85 we are dismissed from school early. Our gym has wooden bleachers that are falling apart. Our little theatre doesn't even have curtains that close they all have wholes as well or chairs that are safe to sit in (wooden), the guidance counselors are fabulous and there is a little bit of parent involvement and some tutoring.
The extracurricular's here are great programs. However there is a lack of participation from the student ( its looked down upon "not cool to do.") We do have some that participate that are extremely talented but never get the recognition they deserve..There is hardly any support except from a few parents and our directors and our Activity's Director. We don't get the funding we deserve. We don't even have a place to practice that is up to standards. All of the attention and funding goes for the sports. There are plenty of different clubs to join as well and we always welcome students but end up getting laughed at. Our own principle doesn't even attend.
Our sports seem to be pretty well rounded. The coaches make sure that students are in the weight room on and off season training and building muscle. A lot of student athletes push themselves and excel if they choose to do so. I think our coaches are all great. We have one gym in our high school and one weight room and one multipurpose room. There is okay school spirit. Sometimes school rivalrys get the best of the student section but for the most part the school supports the sports and only the sports. Other activities get over looked.
As a VERY involved Fine Arts student I wish we could have more support from our student body. We can hardly ever get anyone to go. Even our Principle!! Whenever we have great achievements like making it to state for different events he never congratulates us. Its ALWAYS about sports. I wish the faculty would be more involved with the students and I wish the administration would be more involved. There is also a huge amount of bullying that goes on in our school. Normally it comes from the "Star Athletes" but whenever they get caught the administration seems to turn a blind eye to it. We are a generally small school (430 students) I just wish the staff would see the things that go on in their students life. I wish a change could be made but often enough it just seems like a lost cause.
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Our school has a really hard time getting students to involve in activities. Most people feel like it's not cool to participate and the ones that do get mad at the ones that do not. At our school we have different groups, usually everyone finds their own thing in high school and then that's the type of people they hang out with. Many people are accepting different people while others don't want anything to do with it.
Our work load is pretty good for people that are involved in many things. Most teachers stick really close to the curriculum but the better teachers allow you to discuss how you feel about certain things. Popular classes are which ever ones the students like the teachers. The teachers are really the only reason kids take classes not required to graduate.
Our school's nurse is our secretary due to cut costs. She isn't even certified. She has no clue how to do her job. We have one k-12 nurse but she is never in the high school so it is quite pointless. my freshman year we had one for every building and our high school nurse was great.
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