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Estes Park High School Reviews

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I liked that the teachers were invested in their students and wanted to see them succeed so there was help whenever you needed it. I also liked that their were a lot of different clubs and organizations that you could join. I thrive in small communities so the experience of going there was one of the best for me.
A very nice school with nice students and teachers. A small school you can’t get lost in. The teachers really care about their students and their success.
One thing Estes does take very seriously is its safety policy, we have frequent drug searches and code red drills, as well as regular fire drills and other drills. We have one or two armed police officers on campus most days and we have a very adequate form of informing on other students in the name of the schools well being.
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Estes park has a rather high level of extracurricular activities available to us, there is fine variety presented to the students, but the quality is rather lacking. A school of our size and funding has neither the resources nor the participation rates to create a truly thriving club atmosphere, but we have certainly isn't half bad.
I would not choose to go to Estes park high school again, as many of the students and even some teachers are rude and pompous. There is an attitude of entitlement and superiority that is only fueled by the office staff among the athletically involved strident body. I would say I most certainly poses an outstanding group of piers that truly understand me, my experience is not ideal, but most certainly could be worse.
Most teachers are either just adequate or subpar, but some are extremely akin to being the best they can be.
There are sports and clubs and they both are not good. No adult wants to put in the time.
It is an okay school but there is nothing specail about it. I only go here because its my only option
Our school doesnt care about eductaion so much as getting kids to graduate. They let just about anyone teach a class regardless of their qualifications. But lots of the teachers are very nice and helpful. There are a few that have had lots of complaints and are not qualified, yet nothing gets done
I am happy to be moving on to college.
Not many students eat in cafeteria.
Admin turns their head at the real problems.
Small school district with high turnover of staff.
Sports are not great up in Estes Park.
The sports up in Estes Park are lacking.
I felt that there could have been more guidance and encouragement from teachers and counselors. There was not too much emphasis placed on continuing to go on to college.
There are many clubs and after school activities offered at EPHS. Swimming was our biggest sport when I attended.
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There was a lot of change going on throughout my high school education, which makes learning a lot harder.
Our principal is well liked by the student body. Our guidance counselor is not very helpful. Most policies are well executed.
Our football program is well liked but horribly funded. Our track and field is quite successful but horribly funded. Our cross country team is outstanding.
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