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My experience at Estero High School so far is that many teachers have a drive to teach students which make students want to learn. What I enjoy about Estero is very involved with the community. I would like to see more teachers have a greater drive to teach instead of handing out worksheets every class to fill out.
Estero High School is a great school with great teachers. I have been challenged in academics with the Cambridge AICE program.
I was glad that some teachers took the time to bond with their students to create trust and mutual respect. There were also several teachers who were extremely passionate about their subjects. However, many teachers just handed out packets to be filled out, and seemed more disinterested than the students. I feel that the school would benefit from having more engaging educators.
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The staff only cares about themselves. There is absolutely no diversity but mostly white kids. Majority of the sports teams are not good. Education quality is bare minimum .
Estero High School was home for me for four years. I did enjoy attending the school where I made lifelong friends. There were some downsides such as the food and our sports. But, there were many ways to get involved and many different academic programs, which was nice.
I think our school needs a better administration. The current admin is not what they are said to be and surely are not bringing light to school issues. For example: some students were having an issue with a teacher, they brought it to the attention of our principal brushed it aside. Other than that my school has recently added a college career center which has been very beneficial to our student body.
I attended Estero High School for 4 years and enjoyed my time there. I did cheerleading for 2 years while I was there and had a great experience. They have a lot to choice from for your major along with the Cambridge program. All of these reasons has prepared me for my future in Cosmetology.
I liked the outdoor campus. Something I would like to see change is the racism of some teachers there against minorities.
I love the campus and the layout. This schools offers outstanding education. The teachers and staff do a great job.
they go out of their way to help the students and try to get to know the person. Everyone that works there is nice and treats you more than a student.
Everyone was very friendly here and I loved the teachers. However, sometimes the school wasn't very organized. I had troubles with some counselors about knowing information.
I really enjoyed the productive enviroment EHS has provided me with throughout my high school career. The staff is very friendly and it seems as though they only care about student progression.
what I like about Estero highs school is my friends and my close teacher that have encourage me and helped me be an awesome student. to push myself when i feel discourage.
As an Estero high school student, I feel that my experience here was one of the best that I had my teenage life, I meet a lot of people and found my best friends. The school had a variety of things to participate.
My experience at Estero High School has been superior and I've enjoyed every moment every second of the day at school. Although there were times that I did struggle, my teachers were always there to help me succeed; the teachers/staff at Estero High are very generous and full of good vibes that made each day a privilege to learn. What I liked about Estero High was there commitment into helping each individual student set their future towards the right pathway. From being a freshman 3 years ago into being a senior now there is nothing I would like to see change at Estero High, it is perfect the way this high school is and in all honesty the students and staff are what make Estero High School a wonderful school.
I loved Estero High School, it was a wonderful place to attend High School. The teachers and faculty were always there for me as well as my coaches. Our school currently has a "C" rating, I would like to see that higher. I think the environment and teachers allow for a higher rating and better educational experience than it is currently rated.
Any motivated student will find other motivated students to be with.Many teachers are very accommodating and very helpful wanted to see the children succeed.Obviously, As with any public school they're going to be some not so good kidsBut if you have a good head on your shoulders You will do fine. The AICE program is powerful and its an overall good school to be at.
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I liked that the school offered both AP classes and classes that are part of the Cambridge Program to receive college credit.
Estero High School is a great school with wonderful academic programs and academies, a multitude of clubs and extracurriculars, and strong school spirit.
Estero High School is the average HS, there is some nice diversity, good school spirit and decent food for lunch. The administration is nice and open to help at anytime. The teachers have done a great job at teaching me how to be prepared for college. Overall I'll give my school a 4.5/5
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