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I have been going to Estero High School for 4 years and it has been a great experience. The school and the teacher have taught me a lot in the time that I've been there and I am very grateful for it.
The overall experience it great since there are many chances to make new friends. Many teachers are very helpful and nice.
What I like about estero is that we have the avid program and it helps me alot because it's preparing me for college. Also, it helps me be organized with all my class.
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Love the school, i went to south fort myers high first and i absolutely dreaded it there estero is more open and has a lot more lively ness to it and i know almost everyone there from middle school and elementary school.
This academic environment has not only helped me to become a high school graduate, but they also gave me the tools to be successful in my coming years in college. The amazing teachers and administration made it possible to actually like coming to school.
Estero has a really good soccer team if you're into sports, the people here are nice, and the administrators are cool. However, I think there are wayyyyy too many rules and it is super strict, but easy to get by.
I liked how all the teachers are organized. I like the way they teach and help us learn the information. If they see anyone struggling they find their ways to best explain it.
What I liked about Estero was being apart of cheerleading, being apart of a dance class, experiencing pep rallies, and being apart of homecoming court.
I love this school. it commits to its academics and the staff are kind and most of the teachers are as well, the only complain is that the food is at times not appealing but it's nothing serious
it's a good school here. we have a beautiful campus and great people all around. they have great clubs sports and teams. We also have great staff and fun teacher. They never let you feel alone we all help each other out and make everyone feel safe.
I have been attending Estero High School for the past almost 4 years now. It is a good school. They offer a good range of academic programs and activities.
Estero High School is a helpful school and they try their best to help you to become successful in life. We always have some activities to get everyone involved and feel included.
estero high school is a very diverse school and has a variety of clubs. all the students are very kind and helping but the only thing wrong with the school is that academics are not taught as well as they should be and they are short in teacher staff.
Estero High school was a nice school to attend. Administration seems to be a Little all over the place sometimes but has been an overall great experience.
My experience at Estero High School so far is that many teachers have a drive to teach students which make students want to learn. What I enjoy about Estero is very involved with the community. I would like to see more teachers have a greater drive to teach instead of handing out worksheets every class to fill out.
Estero High School is a great school with great teachers. I have been challenged in academics with the Cambridge AICE program.
I was glad that some teachers took the time to bond with their students to create trust and mutual respect. There were also several teachers who were extremely passionate about their subjects. However, many teachers just handed out packets to be filled out, and seemed more disinterested than the students. I feel that the school would benefit from having more engaging educators.
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The staff only cares about themselves. There is absolutely no diversity but mostly white kids. Majority of the sports teams are not good. Education quality is bare minimum .
Estero High School was home for me for four years. I did enjoy attending the school where I made lifelong friends. There were some downsides such as the food and our sports. But, there were many ways to get involved and many different academic programs, which was nice.
I think our school needs a better administration. The current admin is not what they are said to be and surely are not bringing light to school issues. For example: some students were having an issue with a teacher, they brought it to the attention of our principal brushed it aside. Other than that my school has recently added a college career center which has been very beneficial to our student body.
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