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This school gives many opportunities to be college ready. I was able to get a Semester done with college while going there. Now they have a program to let you have a associates degree by the time you graduate.
I've been attending since 6th grade and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else . I feel ready for college, and life after school in general.
eStem High Public Charter School has been a wonderful experiences. I started eStem when I was in 10th grade and my first day attending I felt at home. The teachers and staff really do care about each and everyone of the students that attend. eStem will always be a place I will cherish for the rest of my life. Go mets!
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What I like about eStem is that it makes sure that you have the education and the needs for you to succeed to greatness. Also that you can fit in and be able to find who you truly are among here.
I have been at eStem since the 6th grade and I am now in the 12th. At first, it wasn't very welcoming because it was most of the same students who knew each other but after some time I met my two best friends. I believe it was only about three teachers that I've had, that didn't really push us as hard. Although, I know for sure that the eStem education is advanced because my other friends not at eStem who had been in a grade ahead of me were always going at the same pace that I was going in a lower grade. I do believe that eStem was preparing me and all the other kids for college and for the real world. Elementary through high school follow the same rules and that's what makes a habit and gets you ready for the real world. It is important that we all got to school at 8:00, had on the uniform and were in a busy environment like downtown because it all helps me now. Overall eStem was a great experience because I've made so many memories there that I will keep for the rest of my life.
I hate this school and I’m gonna make sure the administrators know this once I leave. They do not care about kids with mental health issues nor do they care about the kids who don’t have as many resources as the others. They sweep serious problems under the rug and expect the student body not to say anything about it. They show favoritism with students and extracurricular activities. I graduate in 2020 and I can’t wait to get out of this hell hole. Estem has made my life miserable.
I've been going to eStem's schools for eight years now and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else! I do wish the high school was still located downtown however. The food choices for lunch are a lot better than at most school and the teachers are more invested in their students.
I started going to eStem when it opened it in 2008, when I was in the fourth grade. I graduated from there in 2017. Overall, I can say it was a good experience. My little sisters went there as well. It just recently started to get messy, and more like a typical public school. I think it’s because of the expansion. In my opinion, I think the money for the expansion should’ve gone towards the eStem schools that are already there. It could’ve went to building repair and maintenance (our buildings are over 100 years old), electronics, or towards programs for the students/faculty.
eStem is good for students looking for a small school experience. This school doesn't offer as many classes as bigger schools do but to make up for that it is very easy to get one on one time with teachers and the school is easy to navigate around.
My overall experience has been pretty fair. My 9th and 10th grade years were pretty bad due to mistakes and bad decisions I made. I got help from teachers,students,my parents, and others. Everything became much clearer. My 11th grade year was great and now that I'm a senior I'm loving this year. So much good has happened that it's definitely outweighing the bad I went through.
I liked how friendly the staff was. It felt like a big family, in a way. However, the students can get really rowdy and noisy, and I think the teachers should be better trained to be able to control the class more.
I love eStem High so far, and I have been here going on 3 years now! This is my last and final year at this wonderful school and it is honestly sad. eStem is a very educationally motivated school and it has definitely prepared me for the real world and handling all my college interests. I have had a wonderful 3 years at eStem and I am sad I'm leaving.
I love how diverse Estem High School is, and I love how the teachers dedicate themselves to making sure the students understand and truly learn the material. However, I wish there was a wider range of sports and extracurricular activities for us to participate in.
It was a very average experience. Throughout my underclassman years, I had many teacher changes and struggled with the administration.
I enjoyed my time at eStem High Public Charter School. From the time I was in 6th grade when the school started in 2008 to 2015 of me graduating as a senior from there, I have greatly appreciated what the school has offered me. I have become more responsible, reliable and dependable on myself to get the job done and accomplish my priorities. eStem is an amazing experience for all students, no matter what grade, will enjoy.
I began attending eStem in 2009 when I was in 5th grade. I love the sense of community between my peers, my teachers and I. eStem challenges students through difficult courses with high expectations. Although I've had such a great experience at eStem, I would like the students to be given more independence and opportunities to grow into confident adults throughout their high school careers.
It's alright but our teachers don't really have the option to make opportunities possible because we don't have very many resources.
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I think that our school is pretty diverse and most are accepting of everybody.
We barely have any extracurricular activities and the rules and guideline make it hard to be a part of the ones we do have.
I feel like I haven't reached my full potential but that's probably a lot in part because our school doesn;t have all the resources it needs to be a good school;.
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