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Estelline High School Reviews

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Estelline will attempt to help students as much as possible with their passions. From adding in new classes for students to ordering in new technical equipment, Estelline tries its best.
I like how small the school is. It makes it easy to get close to the teachers and I feel more comfortable learning with teachers that actually care.
Estelline High school is a small school in a very loving community. I have enjoyed all of my years of schooling here. The classes are small, and the teachers really get to know and care about you. I feel that my teachers have pushed me to succeed and given me the tools necessary to be able to be successful in college and in life.
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We don't have one. Just the teachers get what ever we may need.
The workload is manageable and not too much. Most of the teachers give you time in class to work on assignments because they know that there are practices after school and are willing to work with you to understand the homework assignments.
The sports teams are very welcoming to new students and even new coaching staff. They are willing to listen and learn on what is going on and new things that are coming up.
The students pretty much get along with each other there is an occasional outburst but nothing that can't be fixed with the people fighting just talking to each other and getting the frustration out of their systems
The teachers are nice to the students when they are good but when it gets out of hand the teachers know what to do. All the teachers what the students to succeed in life so they are willing to help when or wherever they are needed.
The administration is very helpful when it comes figuring out what students would like to do with their class schedules and other things that may come up during the school year.
My over all experience has been wonderful. The teachers are all nice and willing to help with anything that you ask of them. If I were to do the school thing again I would come back here for the friendliness of the teachers and students.
Our school keeps getting better and better every year. They offer different things to help us get a better education.
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