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EVCA is a wholesome community school that values each student and their education. With an overall A grade from the state, the classical education that is provided is the best in the state.
Estancia valley classical academy is amazing at building character. They are amazing at teaching morals,respect,responsibility, and endurance. We are provided excellent education that you won't find at any other school.
I like Estancia Valley Classical Academy for its rigorous and challenging classes and its open discussions. I am glad to see that my school is beginning to introduce more foreign language classes, and I hope it will soon do the same for the fine arts curricula.
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This school is filled with nepotism, bullying (most on the staff and faculty's part) and female shaming. The education itself is poor- it does not focus on college readiness or practical application of theories learned in the classroom. There are no extracurricular opportunities. The learning environment is toxic, detrimental and I would never recommend anyone to enroll their children here. The change I saw in my well-behaved and gifted children while attending this school is something I would never wish on any parent. High school is some of the most formative years of a child's life, and I hope all parents make their decisions regarding education with this in mind.
I could truly see that this school is about pushing you to your limits in a way to challenge you and to really get yourself to think. It is a wonderful school and I hope to see it continue to thrive as my siblings keep going. The math department has been rocky since my sophomore year with teachers going in and out, not to mention that the individuals teaching are not exactly quailified. A workshop could possibly fix this problem within time. Something that just about every student will complain about is the lack of fun in the environment - yes we are a serious about education school, but I would like to see them loosen the reigns just a bit. Overall, it is a great school, quite small and a little difficult to get used to, but to see other students, myself included, thrive on this rigorous education is relieving to what we'll face in our futures.
I have gone to EVCA since 8th grade and do not regret any of it. I love the academics and the teachers. I have truly been challenged in a good way at this school. That along with competition with my classmate with whom I am very close, being in a class of 11, really pushed me to do my best in school through my high school career.
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