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Estancia High School is a small, tight knit school in Estancia, New Mexico. I am a senior and will graduate in 2019. The things I like about Estancia is the wonderful teachers and the athletics. I participate in 4 sports and enjoy them all. Some things that I would like to see improve are the food and the college readiness.
this school offers BPA, Student Council, YIG, FFA.
i was very well welcome to this school when i moved here.
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they are always working on making us a better person and to get prepared for college.
What makes this school unique is that everyone knows everyone. The community is greatly involved with the school and have often funded the school. If I could do it all over, I would choose this school again because the students and staff are good to each other. The teaching ability of most of the teachers is exceptional and I have learned a lot.
I believe that since the school is so small, the teachers are able to help any student who feels as if they need help. The teachers are very on top of their grades and hardly ever slack off. I do feel as if the school needs to keep one counselor for more than one year at a time because our counselors are always having to be filled in on different things. Other than that, I believe that the quality of teachers is great.
the school takes some measures to protect its students but overall its not very prominent.
The school would benefit greatly from including more extracurriculars.
Estancia high school could provide more programs to get involved in or even a tutoring session offered to students who feel it would benefit them.
I feel some of the teachers, though most seem to want the best for their students, could give more engaging lessons and incorporate hands on lessons for kids who are more of a kinesthetic learner.
This school offers many extracurricular activities such as, BPA,YIG, National Honors Society, FFA, and etc. Everyone in school seems to fall into one or more of these and they are always supported.
I would describe my overall experience at this school so far as okay. I have attended this school since my freshman year. There have been times where I did not care for some of my teachers as well as their teaching styles, but I learned to try my hardest and have had no problem with it. On the other hand, I have had some wonderful teachers who actually make me engage in the subject and conversation and enjoy the lecture and lesson. My favorite experiences were always in my honors english classrooms and computer applications and perhaps even a college success program. What make's this school unique is that the fact that it is a small school, you can actually go one on one with the educators and get extra attention if you need help. I have always hated math, but thanks to the great teacher's at this school, I am proud to say that now I am good at it and don't stress as much as I used to before. I would love to attend this school again simply because of all the great teachers and all of the knowledge they have blessed me with.
Most of the teachers at my school are alright. Some are not very intelligent, or at least in the subject they are teaching to us. Other teachers on the other hand, are spot on! I have beyond enjoyed my Honors English Classes and Computer Applications.
The social scene is alright
The only thing available is sports like volleyball, basketball, football, cheer, softball and track. they do not have much clubs to choose from
You can build close bonds with teachers
the school is okay but there is a problem with the health facility because we had a rodent problem. I do not know if we still have a problem
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The school is very accepting
There are extracurricular actives but not many. It's hard when it's all about the sports at school. I would like to do home ec, and other fun extracurricular activities, but we don't have very many. Also, it's not fair that everyone makes fun of the cheerleaders, when they try their hardest to do best for the school. Also, it is kind of crazy when a lot of teachers are quitting at the school. But overall, most teachers are nice and you can make friends quick over there cause majority is real friendly.
There aren't many fights at the school and when there is there are harsh punishments.
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