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Estancia highschool isn’t the best school in California but it is better then most schools when it comes to student body representation Not being solemnly on one. The school is diverse and everyone is friendly for the most part. The academics are alright and the staff is mixed with good and bad reviews. The ROP classes provided at Estancia is what it’s know for. The classes Include medical, construction, and technology.
Estancia is a high school we’re you could feel safe and the school isn’t as strict. However, the food is not so great neither so bad, but the lines do get crowded. It’s not a big school but it helps students be more involved!
Sports and clubs are very diverse and one of the good points of the school. There needs to be more training for administration who deal with kids with disabilitiesand better resources for students who want to improve themselves or are looking to get into a good college without necessarily having the best grades.
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More parent involvement would be VERY helpful. but overall this school was great and I really enjoyed it. some of the teachers are amazing and still inspire me to this day they were incredible. the sports aspect of this school is also great and I always recommend to join something so that you can be involved.
The school is filled with students and staff who genuinely care for each other's well being which is why I treasure the school; it's because of them that the school has such a warm, welcoming environment. Although one thing that can change is the school reminding you that it is indoors; since its an inside school, it makes one feel as if they are imprisoned but to see more that reminds one of the serenity that the outdoors brings would change that view into something spectacular.
This is just my first year at Estancia and in my opinion I think the school is great there is a lot of school spirit which I love the teachers are kinda and help me when I need it .
This school has many resources. It had a tutoring center and a lot of Non-Profit Organizations that help schools nearby like Save Our Youth and Girls Incorporated. This school has one of the best AVID Programs. I had an amazing experience.
I had an amazing experience at Estancia. The people are great and I felt like the teachers really cared about the students and wanted to do everything in their power to help them graduate.
I had a great 4 years, it’s a very small school so you get to know a lot of different people and because of that matter it’s quite easy to get involved in many things which made my experience enjoyable.
I would like more food, more windows, feel more outdoors, more buckets of trash and chairs, bring the shrimp back please. Some Teachers are nice. it's very cold inside. Always bring a sweater.
What I like about Estancia High School is that the staff is really nice. What I would want is there to be more quiet areas, more space, second floor to the whole school, and better food in the cafeteria.
Estancia has formed many memories that will always be with me. The teachers and staff are just amazing on helping seniors through their college apps.
The school is small but because of that there really isn't many cliques. It's also indoors so the rare cases in which it rains or is cold doesn't really affect you.
I'm a sophomore at Estancia High School. So far I love my experience at this school. The staff members are honestly so nice to everyone. There are so many clubs and programs to get involved in. Sports are also a great way to get involved here. I love coming into our library for a quiet place to work in. It has 3 levels which I love. In my opinion I like how it's not such a big school so you get a chance to get to know lots of people. I am involved in the "Lyceum" group. This is a group made my teacher in regular class and this is basically a group that moves at a faster pace. This is perfect for those student that want a little challenge and it helps decide if you want to apply for an AP class next year. There are so many other great things about Estancia. I definitely recommend to enroll at Estancia High School.
I attended 4 years here. I was part of the cheer squad all years, and got captain and leadership recognition for two. This school showed me endless love and support. The library and computer labs were ALWAYS open. Sports and training facilities were available as well. Teachers and counselors were genuine and always helpful.
Estancia High School has wonderful teaches who actually care about your grades. The counselors give great advice and help their students with college, classes, etc. One negative though is the lack of school spirit.
What I liked about Estancia High School is how cozy the school is. Everyone knows each other which seems so welcoming when you walk in and see familiar faces to say greetings too. Classes are pretty small so there is less complications then a class being over loaded. Things that I believe should be changed it the class arrangements and how the class departments should be organized.
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Estancia High School is and has been a great school. Although the campus might be small for quite a few I think is a great chance to get involved in many activities because it is easy to be recognized and appreciated by many teachers. The teachers, staff, and the principal are great everyone is very nice and outgoing. I really like the fact that when you ask for help teachers are likely to help you with anything and if a student needs any help searching for the right college. Had a great experience!
Estancia is a small school, and it's nice because you can get to know a lot of people. The staff and teachers are also very welcoming, so that's a plus.
I had a great experience at Estancia High School. I had the opportunity to excel in academics, art, and athletics. Estancia also gave me friends who I will cherish throughout my lifetime. With that being said, even though I took full advantage of what Estancia had to offer, I was not well enough prepared for my college education at UCLA. Even though I went into college confident in my academic intelligence, once I got there I learned that I was very far behind the majority of my peers. Honestly, everybody I have met at UCLA thus far has higher test scores than me and came in with more AP credits. So even though I was at the top of my high school and absorbed all of the information they had to offer, I am now at the bottom and not well enough prepared for college.
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