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Estacado High School was amazing! The atmosphere is great and the teachers really care about you and want you to learn. Also, if you are in a sport, they push you to be the best you can! Overall an amazing school.
It wasn't really anything special. If you want to get a good education you have to really apply yourself because some of the teachers don't exactly make an effort to teach you.
My experience so far as a senior has been great. I've been with Estacado for 4 years now and the staff there is very friendly and have gotten me ready for college. I would change nothing about my school. The staff make you feel very welcome and at home.
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You only can type 1000 words and I have over a 1000 words to say about this school that is bad. Questions? Email me at:
Estacado is a great school overall if your looking to get an early college education. The staff members really help you out and try to get you ahead in life.
At first I was scared to attend Estacado because of its bad reputation. After spending two years here, I've come to realize its reputation is not deserved. The school is wonderful, save the occasional issue with faculty or students. Overall, it's been a wonderful experience.
My experience at Estacado High School has been great, the atmosphere there is incredible and is a place to be, it’s like a large family, everyone is close and care for one another
I love everything at Estacado high school. Can improve with the food because something when eating the food I get a really bad stomach ache or when I get home it all comes up
My experience at estacado, has been somewhat good and somewhat bad. The environment of it all is just crazy. Students aren't controlled when they need to be, rules sometimes aren't enforced, teachers seem scared to take charge and give up with us. Improvement is happening but not much changes have helped
one thing I would have to say about this school is there are Great teachers always there to put in work and help students achieve their goals and dreams. when i went there last year there was not one teacher or counselor that i had or seen not get involved and want to be there to help students whether that being inside or out of the classroom. Personally I would recommend any parent/guardian to send their child to this school .. Great School.
I loved my experience at Estacado High School, the student body and faculty all had something in common that connected us together.
My experience at Estacado High School was unforgettable, I made new friends experienced new and diverse cultures, and got involved in as much as I could. Estacado was a very close school and we all treated one another as family, it didn't matter what organization you were in. We had many things to get involved in, over almost 40 different organizations. Recently we just paired up with Texas Tech University to make Estacado an Early College High School, meaning that as long as you complete your Texas Tech course hours you could possibly graduate high school with an associates degree.
Estacado High School is an average school that needs to change a lot of things in order to be better. Academics needs to be more of a priority in order to get higher scores. The teachers are good but some need to be more strict on rules and bad students while others need to not punish good students with the bad. Sports are good but students recognize them much more than academics. The food is HORRIBLE! It is bland, hard, and disgusting! The food NEEDS seasoning and flavor. It's understandable that they want their students to eat healthier, but that's no excuse to make the food bland. Many students choose to eat food from other places or not eat at all because of the food. They can continue using wheat for some items, but white bread is best suited for pizza and burger buns. In order to succeed, Estacado needs to show its students that academic achievement should be commended just as much or more than sports.
family love support changes life experiences I love the way people act like a family here. The way students get along sometimes it is good to find people you can trust and believe in. sometimes it's hard to find people who cares about you and that really does .
I was supposed to start Estacado High School my freshman year, but I wanted to try something different and see if I could handle meeting new people in another school. Everyday My friends in Estacado would message me saying to "come back" and also "We miss you" so the end of my sophomore year I really felt alone in a school that I hardly known anyone. The first day of my junior year at Estacado I wished that I hadn't left them. Estacado is A school of Family and Good friends. Teachers encourage and stay on task with me and my grades. I am proud to be a Matador!
I enjoyed my educational experience at Estacado High School mainly because I feel like the opportunity of taking dual credit classes allowed to mature and grow student. I personally did not enjoy the social aspect of the school.
My experience at Estacado has been really wonderful. The teachers and staff are amazing at their job and are amazing at how they teach us students.
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My experience at Estacado is wonderful and very experiencing. There are a lot of things that the students can do to explore and further their education. There is help if the student needs it for anything personal, educational, etc. Estacsdo is great school to go to for a everything that will improve the student.
Estacado High School is an amazing school to go to. They have amazing teachers, coaches, and staff. Estacado has a lot of fun activities like JROTC, sports, and even student council. Estacado has a very safe and fun environment inside and outside of the school and is just an amazing place to be.
EHS is a great place but i fee;l like i dont get the full highschool effect. Sometimes i feel like the main reason is the freedom. We dont have any at all and it sucks. the only reason i still atteng EHS is the relationships I have made with my coaches and teamates.
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