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Estacada High School has aspects which make for a great high school career but also has a disappointing curriculum, due to the school's small student body Estacada doesn't reach its potential. The classes offered are acceptable for students who want a basic education, but for those in need of a challenge will not find it here. The building itself has a simplistic layout; one main hallway with two intersecting hallways which both lead to the Common Area and gyms. The athletic teams at the Estacada are very connected and have a family feel, the grass sports field gives Estacada a home-field advantage against those who play on turf. Overall Estacada is an average school with the potential to be so much more.
Small school and teachers are all caring and helpful in their own way ! Although they might now offer as many sports as other big school districts might , The sports offered here are still great and are very fun to attend whenever possible.
A very good school if you look for resources and work with teachers for help. Administration has made some questionable choices, but hopefully with the new superintendent things will be back on track. Some fantastic groups and teachers to have, and because of it’s size, there is a lot of community involvement.
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The community and integrity at Estacada High School is unreal. When a student applies themselves here they will gain one of the best highschool experiences.
Great high school with a small but close community. With very little funding the school makes the best with what they have. Estacada High School doesn't have very many options when it comes to classes but the teachers do a great job with the classes that they do have.
My daughter is a student at EHS. We had an issue and talked with the principal and he solved our problem quickly. We have been pleased with the level of teachers and staff. We are happy with the education she is receiving and the amount of involvement she has.
It'd be nice to see a change in how teachers handle some situations. It'd also be nice to have a little better learning environment. In my school the only way you can deal with an issue is if you have argued about it for over a week, nothing gets done about bullying or anything of the sort. My school treats the disabled kids/special e.d kids better than the other kids, yes they have special needs or learning disabilities but that doesn't mean they deserve better treatment from the rest of us.
Loved the teachers. All seemed to genuinely care about my daughter. She excelled in all she did. Has moved on to college and is in Honors in college too.
My experience at Estacada Highschool isn't an all out bad experience at all. This school is very easy going which makes it it's calming place to be against other schools that are usually bigger this being more hectic. Getting around here from there is easy as well as the schedule of things is simple to work with. I'm always comfortable going to school here and there's always smiling faces when I walk through the halls, in the office, in the lunch room, and even the many classes I attend. The staff is very friendly and helpful. There is a few things that I believe should be worked on though. I only wish there's be more clubs that I feel would fit me so I can actually attend something after school that I'd like. Yoga, hiking, yada yada. Those type of things instead of lego club, although I'm not bashing Lego club, it's just not my thing.
Its a tiny town full of no diversity and no culture.
No one really cares or takes the time to make the extracurriculars fun or worth the time. The staff don't bother with them or students once school is over.
I've had lost of fun at this school; I enjoy learning. The people I'm with love to learn, and it helps to have teachers who love to teach too.
The teachers always answer my questions and help me
A lot of the teachers have changed but when I was in high school they didn't really care about the students or if they needed more help. It was the students fault if something didn't make sense.
As far as bullying goes, my school is pretty great. We have an officer that patrols the school, and have some cameras. However, we have a number of safety and health issues.
We do have clubs at my school, but it's not really advertised, and the clubs start half-way through the year.
Some parents at my school pressure their kids to do well, where as others don't care at all. I don't really feel the presence of the parents at my school at all.
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My teachers are great, the curriculum is not.
This year we added a cop to the school program. An armed cop. Honestly, I've never felt safer at school. Drugs are hardly a problem anymore, at least not at school! Fewer fights and overall problems thanks to the new addition!
There's not a whole lot of after school help clubs, such as homework support or anything related to it. There's some math tutoring but other than that I haven't heard of much. Then again, I've never considered needing tutoring so I haven't payed attention to it. There are a lot of other clubs though, but they need help and funding for sure since the school is so small, therefore the funding and numbers are too. If we had more money the clubs would be a lot better.
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