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Estacada Early College Reviews

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This is a good program. Everyone was very helpful and it was great to have lots of college classes available while still finishing high school.
all the teachers care about how the students are doing. I always see one on one interactions between teachers and students
You can receive a college degree while in high school.
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There are tons of resources around campus! The library is nice, there is a gym to workout in for a small fee, and at least two computer labs. There is also tons of space to study in, outside or inside.
I absolutely adore the opportunities I've been given with the early college program. I would choose this school again because they will pay for 12 credits a term, which feels like just enough of a courseload; the advisers are great, understanding people; it gives you a taste of your future college experiences. I don't like that the community college doesn't offer many options for a restricted diet, but that isn't the charter schools fault. I also dislike that it's very difficult to make friends, as you're in a classroom of mostly adults. The charter school occasionally hosts events to counter this problem, but I personally haven't been able to attend one.
There are some honors options, but not a lot.
Very connected and safe community.
The have fast food options.
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