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Essex Technical High School Reviews

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The school is very embracing of all different types of people and thrives to provide an education that will set them up for the future. With their shops, it is easy to get a head start on your future.
I was a part of the first class to graduate of all four years, we were like the guinea pigs for them. Every year we schedule different call mom we got zero benefits, and all the incoming freshmen now have so many more opportunities for different classes than we did
Essex Technical High School is a beautiful technical school that makes a student happy to see the school every day. The facilities are brand new and the school is very clean. There is something at the school for everyone, especially when it comes to the career areas such as vet science, graphic design, cosmetology, auto repair, etc. The school's academic and shop schedule is perfect for students and the school teaches you many useful skills that will help you find a career.
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Essex Tech has state of the art facilities and resources for students. The staff is very knowledgeable and approachable and take pride in the successes of their students. The best feature of Essex Tech is that students receive high quality, college prep academics, in addition to career training. This hands-on, career training experience gives Essex Tech students an advantage over other high school students in that they participate in field work relevant to their interests. This field work ties into academics and is also an opportunity to build a resume and network with local businesses and corporations.
I liked that it had a lot of students from different areas. Downside was it was hard to participate in after school activities
Essex Technical High School is a brand new Technical and Agricultural school. There are so many majors you are able to choose from, exploring them all and being able to change your major if it's not what you want to do. It gives students the chance to be able to get into the working world to find their passion.
Essex tech was a school that helped me flourish in a social aspect. The school itself is focused strongly on preparing the students for success in their trade of study. For students who may have changed their mind along the way, it’s harder to get the help you need for advancement into college and deciding on what you plan to pursue. The teacher and staff help the best they can, but I felt that I was lacking in the skills I needed to be sent to college with. Although the academic teachers were always willing to help you do your best, I felt there also lacked preparation for college. If you are strong willed in knowing where you want to go after high school within the trades that this school offers, this is the school for you. If not, I recommend seeking a non trade school.
Essex Technical and Agricutural high school prepares its students for the workforce and students future careers. There unique CTE and academic curriculum give students experience outside of the classroom and experience in the workforce. Students are also given the opportunity to partner with Northshore community college to get college credits while in High School. There are also many clubs and athletic opportunities that students can partake in. The teachers prepare the students for college and the school gives the students the opportunity to take honors and Ap courses that can be applied to college admissions
Essex Technical High School is a new, well built and beautiful school however was a mediocre experience. Unfortunately as the first class to attend the brand new school, there were some minor problems that needed to be addressed. For instance, we had only one teacher who tought a foreign language until junior year. Also as a vocational school, there were many career areas to choose from and it felt a little rushed to make a final decision. In conclusion, there were a few issues that could have been fixed in the school.
The amount of money put into the new school really shows with all of the equipment in every shop. As they continue to add more shops they prepare everyone possible for the best future. Great teachers and a great balance between academics and shops
I love going to this school. It has given me a lot of opportunities and has helped me along the way. They have helped me with all of the problems that I have encountered. All the teachers are great and they work their hardest to get you ready for what ever you want to do after college. I have met great people in this school and have made great friends that I am grateful to have. My teachers care about my future and they want to see me succeed. They have helped me stay on honor roll and have helped me if I had trouble in a certain class. Everyone there believes in me and I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for this school. I am glad that I decided to go to this high school instead of my public high school near me. Here I have been able to learn more than I would have learned in a regular public school.
My experience at Essex Technical High School was amazing. All of my memories and opportunities are from this school. The faculty and administration are so generous and helpful. Through the four years of this high school, there was drama, there was fights...etc. However, fights, drama and friend cliques are all part of high school in general. With that being said, Essex Tech does a very good job with accepting diverse groups. The student mentors and faculty are aware many student come from many different communities. They create mentoring games that helps create friends on the first day of school. Being accepted into this school is a privilege. This is the perfect opportunity to find out what you want to spend your future doing.
I loved ETHS. It is a great community and offers so much for its students. The school itself is brand new. The teachers are there to help you succeed and learn. This school is a technical school so students pick a career freshman year, although this seems too early, all students learn life skills.
Essex Tech is a real diverse place to go to school. They try and get you involved in all the activities that the school has to offer. There aren't many art or music programs to get involved in which would have been nice to have enrolled in. But overall the school was really fun after meeting so many new people and learning a whole lot!
Essex tech is a wonderful school to look at from the outside, it's a brand new building and four years in they're still trying to fix the quirks. On the outside it looks amazing four years in being subjected to all we've been through it's not all that it looks on the outside. More or less they're improving the facility to better the younger generations using my class as the first ever test subjects which I was not prepared for. Overall though it's going to take some time for this school to become recognizably great, there's a lot of kinks in the system only time will fix. Clubs and activities are extremely diverse and fun for anyone there's something for everybody here, but all I have to say is don't judge a book by its cover.
Essex Technical High School has provided me for more then I can account. I have gained Technical and academic skills while being a student at Essex Tech. I have made many friendships that will last me a lifetime.
I really like it here, because there are plenty of people here to help. students are all very respectful. the only issue i have is how students don't get their first shop
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I would love to see this school have more school spirit; hopefully before I graduate. I'd also like to see more staff involvement when it comes to new ideas the students have to offer. The drama and chorus clubs need tremendous updating, one by having a more experienced instructor run the club and two, having a bigger place to have rehearsal.
ETHS is great for students who aim to learn a lot more about their dream career a lot earlier than college while not taking extra classes outside of school. While you may not get your first choice CTE area, the administration tries their hardest to get each student in their preferred chop. The school lunch is notorious for being bad, but if you buy from the café, the variety of sweets and other baked goods are delicious. One of the best things about this school is how students get a week off from academics before going back again.
I feel that Essex Tech is a great school for those who want to grow in academics while excelling in a CTE area. All of the shops have great instructors and are able to facilitate to us with all of the new state of the art equipment. The only thing I would like to see change is the administration. Yes they deal with all the issues in the school however the staff feel that their requests for change are ignored.
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