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There are many ways to get everyone in the school to come together . Your education and abilities are their first priority.
I am a ESA senior and am about to graduate. In this school every teacher looks out for you and helps you to be successful. There is a lot of student involvement in our school about 90% of students are invovled in some type of activity within the school. Also there is a great student to teacher ratio and class sizes. My graduating class is only made up of 87 people which is pretty small compared to other NYC public high schools. I would recommend taking a tour and seeing how you fit with the school!
I've had a very good time at this school. While yes there are cons like every school, might not like some rules or administration, but it's better than many. Starts at a good time of 9:25 am and ends a little late at 4:10 or 3:25 on some days. Teachers are supportive so long as you show effort.
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Has great diversity and good teachers that care about you. The teachers care about whether you pass or fail and they actually remember your name. We call them by there first names and that makes the connection that much better. The students can get a bit dangerous from time to time but they try. I feel safe over all. I do wish it had more advanced classes however.
When I first came here, in the absolute middle of the school year, I was immediately met with students who could care less about my arrival. We call our teachers by their first names which makes for a very personalized learning experience, which I value very much. The wonderful relationships and interactions from my teachers makes up for the mostly unbearable student body. This is also a project-based school, so while we don't take tests regularly, A LOT of our time is spent writing papers. Another thing to add; there are no letter grades. Instead, there are standards like Honors, Exceeds, Meets, Approaching, and Incomplete. The school building is not very nice, as we don't have access to clean drinking water, but, there are a lot of stores and restaurants around the school that we are allowed to visit during lunch is we make it to school on time. Very laid back and intentional school!
My experience at Essex street academy was okay. Definitely wasn’t the typical high school being that the school it’s self was small. I also felt that I wasn’t prepared enough for college. Overall all the teachers at the school really do care about every student.
It's a small school, everyone knows everyone. Small class size so you have a better relationship with the teachers
I was given a lot of opportunties
The teacher are always there with a warm and inviting welcome
After school for homework help
Very easy to get help from my teachers.
Teachers really care about their students.
The teacher's at ESA are extremely friendly and helpful. Teachers often stay after school or come early in the mornings to work with students. The teachers at ESA befriend students by giving them life advice and helping them resolve issues they are experiencing beyond the classroom. ESA has great peer mediation to help students solve problems that they are having with one another.
Everybody was involved and that was one way that made the school more like a family because everyone was always around and together.
My overall experience was great because I met great friends that I still keep in touch and talk with today. I am in college. I know that if I ever need help I can always go back for help.
This school was more project based and not testing which in ollege there is a lot of testing so feel there wasn't enough help in that area. I felt prepared for the real world because they always talked about what happens in the real world but showing and helping us not so much.
The curriculum is very different in ESA. The school doesn't do regents, we do panels (presentations) of the final project of the semester. The learning is very diverse compared to most schools in NYC.
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Majority of the teachers are excellent, each of their teaching is very diverse. It's different in every classroom.
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