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Essex Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Friendly people. Everyone is nice and welcoming as soon as you walk into the building. The teachers try to make things easier for the kids.
The teachers are willing to help you if you need it. They will stay after school or a lot of them come early in the morning so they can always help you then. I think that all of the teachers are very consistent in there grading. The reason why I think this is because if you work hard and try to the best of your capability you will do better than if you put no effort and don't care about what your doing.
Other than the bullying, it's a nice, small, community! You literally know everyone.
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I was somewhat prepared for college, but my high school definitely didn't prepare me for the responsibilities of living on my own and paying for things on my own.
There are plenty of sports to join if you want to put in the time. Also there is a good weight program and plenty of ways to stay in shape.
There are a lot of extracurricular activities if you look hard enough. To the blind eye there is not a whole lot until you start talking to people.
It has a small town personality and everyone gets along.
I have grown to enjoy my school, but it is by far one of the last places I had imagined graduating. My freshman year of high school, I attended a large school in Colorado, but I moved to Iowa with my mother to a VERY small school. There is not much diversity in my school and the classes are taught at middle level, so no one can excel. People in this school are nice, but very one-minded and are not open to new people and things very often. If you are different from what they are used to, it is very hard to find a place to fit in. Thought I have made a couple long time friends at this school, and some great memories, it has not challenged me in any way.
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