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Our school was unaccredited, the teachers were horrible, and the school felt like a prison. But because all of the students grew up together, it wasn't too terrible.
The school has potential, but many students are unmotivated and there is a lack of empathy. The administrators over the county do not always make the best decisions for the students, but teachers and principals are good. Many parents are not involved and lack the same motivation their children do. In order to see this school do better, students need to feel accepted, safe, and like they are important and have potential. Otherwise, they do not try in school, can be depressed and violent, and are not very successful. We have to start making students feel safe and happy in school at a young age and continue through middle and high school. The school has potential and I would love to see it fulfilled in coming years.
My experience at Essex High School was not something to write home about. It was mediocre at the best of times. Due to limited funding for teachers and staff the school is not able to function at its greatest. Our school is also unaccredited which also limits our efforts to improve student and staff moral due to the high tensions from the extra work load on teachers and students. Also a student who has spent their whole life in this school system, I see the urgent need for improvement in many areas off and on campus. From the lack of student-teacher relationships, to the near nonexistent community involvement in school matters concerning something other than sports, our school system has been on a steady decline from its former glory. I do however like that effort the few teachers and staff members have made to improve our school system and restore it to the proud community center of the Northern Neck.
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It is just terrible overall, i feel as if the teachers and administration don't care at all. In high school in my opinion it should be all about the KIDS. Here they seem to make it only about themselves.
It’s an average school. A little diversity with black and white kids, not many others though. The school is also not accredited and the classes aren’t very challenging. Majority of the teachers don’t expect much of the students, but are understanding. Not much bullying, or at least not from what I know of. Lots of high school romance, not very much discipline, but at the same time too overbearing. I’d like to see Essex high school accredited in the near future with more teachers who seem to care about the students actually learning real life lessons.
I liked Essex High School because may we're respectful and I made many friends throughout the years of attending here . I would like to see many things change , for examples school lunches and how teachers teach., and how the school acts as a whole.
My experience at Essex High School was good. I wish that they dedicated as much time and resources toward academics as they did sports. Also, I had a different principal each of the five years I attended. The turnover rate for teachers was high; sometimes many teachers would resign in the middle of the school year.
I treasured my relationship with my fellow peers. I came from another area and didnt know anyone. I was able to meet alot of cool people and we will be friends forever.
There's not a lot of availability with in class AP, but there's plenty of online
There's a lot of different types of people, so it's pretty diverse
There's a variety, but it could always be improved of course.
Parents obviously care a lot about their kids and it shows.
There are some teachers that don't really care all that much however there are lots of teachers who do care.
We have several extracurricular activities dependent on what your interests are

We consistently have parents coming in, and disrupting the student work place. Also, many parents are highly disrespectful at many of the student athletic games.
Not all of the teachers care, and that's where the problems start. Also, they teach to the test, which clearly is not working if we have yet again been denied accreditation.
No accreditation is a very big concern
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This school have many after school activities such as the step teams. There are plenty of sports to play.
It was a very small school and they made due with what they had.
It really depends on who the teacher is. Sometimes you will get a great teacher who makes the classroom fun and interesting. Some teachers will be more than helpful if you are struggling, and can make the material easier to learn. Other times you will get a teacher that seems like they don't really care about teaching, or they just expect you to basically teach yourself.
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