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Essex high school is a big school and has many different things for people with different intrests. Some teachers are good and others aren’t but it’s a different and interesting experience
The food is alright, though if we could have the good fries back that would be great. The teachers are very nice, of course each one teaches differently.
Year after year the administration makes horrendous decisions. Political correctness reigns supreme! Suspensions are handed out on hearsay without following school protocol. Sports and school morale were a keystone at the school, but now it is common to see the Athletic Director patrolling the student section at a game telling the students to settle down and be quiet.
It is amazing how delinquent the administration is. The school was sued due to the inept handling of a student situation. The teacher retired, but the administration HIRED HIM BACK part time!!! This year a week before school starts, the administration sends out an email that they failed to secure a contract for busing!!! They told all parents the parents would have to figure out how to get the students to school! Fail.
The academics are quite good. Students have gone on to attend Harvard, BU, BC, Dartmouth, UVM if they apply themselves.
Suggestion.... Get rid of Ben Johnson and Jeff Goodrich
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I’ve had such a wonderful experience at EHS. The teachers are the best, and the school pride is incredible. There are so many opportunities for students to get involved, whether it’s one of the many clubs, or JV/Varsity sports. There are many unique electives to expose students to new things, and lots of advanced and AP classes for those who enjoy a challenge.
When I was there I had few problems with racist kids and what not, but I never made a big deal about it. Overall high school was good experience.
Essex High School has good teachers & classes, as well as strong sports & arts departments. They offer a wide array of AP classes.
So far, the school has offered me countless opportunities to explore what career I want to enter and where to go for college. Academics and athletics are competitive adding an element of superiority to the students who do well. They offer a multitude of clubs and the specialty academies are great. I have met so many people, and made crazy connections through the school that I am super thankful for.
Essex High School has a good support system and a good arts program. Granted some things could be handled a bit better. There is a pretty noticeable bully problem there and students are too afraid to say anything about it. In gym class I know someone who was bullied a lot and told the teacher and he did nothing about it. The teachers here aren't the best when it comes to bullying and mental health issues. They need to be taught on how to deal with those better.
There are excellent classes offered with a lot of choice for diverse learners. EHS does an excellent job with fast learners. My son had a lot of AP classes to choose from and was well prepared for college. My daughter had access to areas of multiple interests for her. There are very good teachers and excellent counselors.
Sometimes there are too many clicks. This may be due to the age, but there is some meanness. My kids also report that there are drugs that are very known about.
It's a pretty great school with lots of classes and resources to choose from. However, it's not that diverse, but the sense of community is still great. Student, Teachers, and Guidance Counselors work together on getting their students prepared for their future, even outside the school.
I really enjoyed attending Essex High School. I liked most of my teachers and received a quality education. The food is good even though some people say it's not.
EHS is one of the best high school's there is. I loved EHS. I love the teachers. I will miss some teachers that worked with me.
My experience at Essex High School was quite pleasant. My guidance counselor strived to make sure that I completed all the requirements and continuously reminded me of what needed to be done. She was very good at checking in and constantly gave good advice for the future. My teachers, always checking in and keeping the courses challenging.
This is a really good school overall. There are some things that could be fixed. Something that could be changed is the ceiling. It has some water spots and some mis matched colors, but that definitely doesn't make the school unsafe
Essex High School did an incredible job preparing me for college. I am having a much less difficult time in college than many of my peers. My major is neuroscience and I have a math minor so my classes are not easy. I would like to specifically comment on the fantastic math department. Amazing teachers in that department and overall in general.
I have attended this school throughout my whole high school career. Overall it is a great school. All of the teachers really want you to succeed and offer you lots of advice. There are also so many opportunities available through this school from internships, hosting exchange students, to traveling. The only thing I would change would be the rules of no-tolerance. Many athletes use drugs or alcohol and nothing happens and not many people get caught, yet our school has a no-tolerance policy.
My experience at EHS has been wonderful. It is one of the best high schools in Vermont, and has provided challenging classes that help me grow as a student and a person.
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The quality of adaedmics here is superb. The teachers connect well with the students and show a genuine interest in their wellbeing. There are a variety of clubs and sports to participate in as well.
A large majority of the teachers at my high school are qualified to effectively teach. They understand what learning styles work for students, and are always willing to help students outside of class. The teachers also make a guinue effort to make sure that all of the students understand the given material and lessons. They care about the well-being of their students and will do all they can to make sure that they are succeeding.
Met lots of cool people and was able to branch out of old friend groups. Loved being on teams, but didn't do many clubs. Don't fight advisory- it can be awesome
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