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i would like to see the uniform & cell phone policy to change. without uniform we can express who we really are. when us students wear uniform it stops us from showing who we are and who we want to be in life. The cell phone policy needs to also change because an emergency can happen.
what I like about the school is their academics, I was able to have a good understanding and I learned plenty from the school, a change I would like to see is for them to have more advanced classes
In my opinion Esperanza isn't very much a good school and I will not recommend it to anyone. However, they are very lenient at times with rules and they let you speak your mind. Most of the teachers don't teach very well and I feel that I could've done better if the teachers actually cared about teaching. This school does not challenge you at all and I don't feel well prepared for college as I'm suppose to be.
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As a student in this school I would like to say that some things need work on. Some student behavior is a little nasty. There is some bullying but its never usally resolved. But the academics are ok and some of the teachers are dedicated.
the school security guards have great connections with the students. Everyone goes to the school nurse for regular doctor things.
The school could use more variety of sports and after school programs so that more students can participate.
the school is mainly Hispanic. There are days throughout the school year where we celebrate holidays and wear no uniform. I would choose this school again because i have made great connections with teachers and students.
The teacher push students to do their best. Teachers are available through email and during Saturday School.
They have a awesome soccer program that has me very involved.
I feel safe with the security guards and they are freindly
There are programs that help the students when they need to get their work turned in.
I love the school. I feel welcome in the school because everyone is alike in some way.
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