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I personally had an amazing experience at this High School. The teachers were very kind and always willing to help you with assignments and even willing to just have normal conversations. There was, of course, the high school bullies and drama but the school did a nice job of handling those situations. I personally did not have a good experience with the counseling department, but that did not really take away from my overall experience at the school.
I have been part of the music program at my school for the last four years. By audition, I was selected into the top concert band all 4 years, the 2nd jazz band as a freshman, and the top jazz band the last 3 years. In addition, I have been a section leader the last 2 years and Band Secretary this year. The music program has helped me increase my ability and come to the decision that I want to pursue music as a profession. The music band director is amazing.
A very high academic school that pushed students to do their best. The teaching staff seemed well equipped and were very helpful in learning except for a few teachers here and there. My experience there was insightful, learning how to interact with all sorts of people and truly understanding the struggles in school and out of school. Despite my lack of effort towards the end of my time there, I felt well equipped to move on and be prepared for college right out of high school.
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Overall the teachers are amazing. They all have a great sense of humor, helpful to all students, and open to any opinions. The only thing I would like to see changed at Esperanza are not the administrative/staff problems, but facilities such as the bathrooms.
Great school with excellent teachers and staff that are more than willing to give you their time of day.
Esperanza High School has been dedicated to helping students find the departments, friends, and work they need to succeed in the future. There are amazing teachers that work there and that I personally have formed great bonds with, as well as that have helped me in pursuing further knowledge of that field. However just as in every school there are some teachers, mainly in the foreign language department, where multiple students will drop out or have an unsatisfactory experience because of teaching styles and personalities of the instructor. The school also sometimes neglects other departments like band and theatre, however in the past year or two they have strived to remedy this inequality, and this trend will hopefully continue in the future years. At the end of the day, High school may be difficult, but Esperanza High School’s mentality and dedication to education makes it worth it.
I’ve always felt welcome at Esperanza. Most of the teachers and staff are very kind. They work hard to make your high school experience a pleasant and safe one. I have never felt as though I didn’t belong here.
I enjoyed my time at Esperanza. They were some of the best years I have ever had just because of the fact that the people I've met and events I've experienced were amazing!
An average high school. The teachers either make it a great class that you would love to take or not care at all and make it one of the worst experiences possible
It's a very large campus. Many programs are gone, so there is not a lot of electives to take unless you want to do art or computers. Schools need to bring back practical real-life skills like sewing, simple auto repair such as how to change a tire, check the oil, driver's education to take the DMV test, etc. How about accounting or business math such as how to fill out a tax form such as a W-4 form or how to understand a W-2 or a 1040EZ, etc. Many teachers now just want to collect a check with little effort to actually teach.
Esperanza High School has helped me not only excel academically and develop characteristically, but triumph with experiences collected from all aspects. I have partaken in our Superior ranked choir, one of our many renown athletic teams, ROP Medical Sciences Academy, and several school clubs including PTSA and HOSA. Involvement with these extracurriculars alongside academics has allowed me to form strong bonds with friends and teammates, connections with teachers, and gratifying memories that could survive lifetimes. Not only has this excellent school helped me transition into a brighter future, but it has provided me with life-changing experiences that have truly inspired me to continue growing as a person to improve upon myself and give to others like Esperanza gave so much to me. Upon entrance into the school I was doubtful my dulled aspirations or quiet personality would change into the confident dreamer and go-getter I am today. Afterall, Esperanza means "hope" in Spanish.
Esperanza has a great amount of spirit and education. The school is welcoming and including to everyone. Learning is fun and interesting in every subject due to the activities and teachers. The campus is in nice conditions and has good quality classrooms. There are a lot of on campus activities and clubs one can be involved with as well.
Great school but would like to see more funding towards updating the school and facilities. With the addition of YLHS to the district esperanza seems to be worse off.
Overall I have really enjoyed my time here. I know that some teachers can be worse than outhers, but I have had a number of teachers that actually know how and what to teach. The ASB keeps student spirit up throughout the year, and the library and offices have very good reasources available.
I loved the medical academy because it opened so many opportunities for me. I got to compete in the state leadership conference, I am not only a member of HOSA but also got elected to be the secretary, and I have extrensive medical knowledge.
This is my first year ever attending a high school in Yorba Linda. I have never been to a school were they help in every way they can. I have amazing teachers and staff members who actually know what they are teaching and who have helped me tremendously with college applications. There is great school spirit and various club activities you can be involved in.
Esperanza has become my second home; I feel connected to the students and staff, and the track and soccer teams have become my family. Everyone is extremely welcoming, and there is a very healthy and safe learning environment. My school is extremely spirited with a lot of participation and support from all grades during spirit weeks and varsity games. The new principal this year has been very active in increasing school pride and improving the campus. However, I wish there were more extra help opportunities; free math tutoring is available in the library, but I'd like to see this available for other subjects.
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Many schools have a general method of teaching kids the needed subjects. Sometimes the teachers are boring, sometimes they are entertaining in some way. However, Esperanza is different because in almost every classroom, teachers have a very intriguing way to keep the students on task. Almost everyone at the school does their best to help each other out, because that is what Esperanza teaches students to do. From an academic standpoint, the school does impressively well to prepare students for college. The subjects are easy to understand for most students and the teachers give wonderful methods to help out. Esperanza is a school that promotes a spirit to help each other and to keep a hold on the goal.
I loved attending high school at EHS! I was a part of the medical academy all 4 years and it was by far the best thing for me in high school. Not only did we get hands-on experience for skills like injections, EKGs, venipuncture, lung sounds, etc., we also graduated high school as Medical Assistants able to work in a doctors office or clinic. Very unique program and I loved my time there with Mrs. Easton!
Well I was a transfer my freshman year and I thought it was going to be very scary but it wasn't. Also the freshman focus campus is great to have for the incoming freshman. But I do not like the bridge.
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