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Esperanza Academy Charter High School Reviews

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What I like about Esperanza was the need to have the students come together as a community to be there for one another, help each other out and have some really fun events
It is a good school, all the teachers are there to help and see you succeed. The academics is fine, maybe challenge us a little bit more. The spirt in the school ca get pretty good, just wish there was more of it year round and not just for spirt week.
To be honest, in the beginning I was not sure about this school. But it turned out to live up to its reputation. It's really a great school.
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My experience in Esperanza Academy Charter High School was pretty great the people there were very helpful. They had different clubs you can get involved in. I personally got myself in a dance group which was the best decision I could have ever made. Most teachers help students when they asked for help and teachers would try to make students reach their full potential. This high school also prepared me very well for college up to the point where college felt easier than high school. The only thing that was a problem for me was that there were some teachers who did not care for the students and their education, but not all teachers were like this most of them were great and were there for the students academically and emotionally.
Many people have said that Esperanza isn’t s good school. But those people never witnessed how dedicated the teachers, are willing to help you succeed which is why I fell In love with Esperanza. One thing I would like to see change is the diversity. Being surrounded by my peers that are all Latinos which is good don’t give me the capability to reach out and learn something new from another person who is not Hispanic.
Esperanza is welcoming and gives students the opportunities they deserve. The school holds a mentor program that allows students to interact with teachers who can hear them out and help them through any troubles they may come by. As well as the mentor program the students are giving a variety of opportunities within school that are majors to help the students express their inner selves through their personal interests.
Esperanza charter high school has been pretty helpful within my education. My experience overall there has been nothing but support to find our paths as young adults and achieve our goals for our future. Esperanza don't really change .
One thing I liked about this school was though it is very small, it's easy to not get lost or find your class. Also, some teachers I had were great!
When I was first accepted into Esperanza Academy, I was so nervous until found out how understanding the students and staff were. They gave me a warm welcome and let me catch up on my own. The students and staff are always supportive and encouraged me to go out and try new things, which helped me form a lot of new hobbies. Throughout your years here you will make a diverse bunch of friends, and find out more about yourself as a person. On top of that, this school has such a good supply of resources for students who want to do extracurricular activities other than sports. I am currently an art major at Esperanza Academy and in all honesty, I would say that we have done such a diverse group of projects that I thought would've never been possible in a public school. My overall experience was amazing and I would do it all over again if I could.
My experience in Esperanza Academy Charter School, has been amazing I found friends that support me with everything. But what I love the most is the devotion of the staff. My dad pass away less than a month ago. And everybody stand there by me to keep stronger. I wouldn't change anything because Esperanza became my second home in this four years.
I love Esperanza Academy because I have found really good friends and teachers that have helped me assimilate this new country. In my last school I did not get involve because I thought that school was not for me but Esperanza is. I have learn so much and my grades are high because if I don't understand something I can go after school or during the class to ask my teachers and they will help me. The school is always clean and the security is great. They are nice to students and do not let students fight, they separated them so fast and keep us protect. That's why not a lot of student fight with each other.
My past three years was very challenging. I like the way we are taught in school. The teachers make sure everyone learns what is being taught even if they have to sit with you one on one. I would like the options of majors to improve. We have a small variety of majors provided.
The teachers and overall staff of Esperanza are supportive and go out of their way to help and make sure the students are succeeding academically. Also, preparation for the real world and college is made available.
Most of the student body does not take part in many activities. Therefore the school does not host any.
This school has helped me stay on track with my grades, as I've received the best from all my years, putting aside all other aspects. As Esperanza solely helped me focus on my education.
The teachers at Esperanza are always full of insight, ready to help students in need. Whenever I seek extra assistance after or during school, I am always satisfied with the results. Tutoring is always available throughout the year. I have learned so much from the teachers here at Esperanza, with their teaching ethics I have managed to get accepted into over 10 universities, I greatly appreciate the staff there.
There are multiple extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations available for students. I personally found Math Club, Sign Language Club, and Forensics Club fun. Most students commit to the clubs they are interested in, and administration is quite helpful and supportive.
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I had some definite struggles while attending EA, but, it's high school, that was to be expected. My favorite experiences included winning Spirit Week during Senior Year, going to Washington D.C, joining NHS, and taking seven AP Exams. This school is unique because it is a Hispanic/Latino school and while statistics show that this minority does not usually succeed academically, everyone I knew at this school, including myself, succeeded. I would choose this school again because I loved taking seven AP Classes, the teachers were great, and I met my best friends there.
Most of the teachers I encountered were amazing individuals and brilliant teachers. They effectively shared their knowledge with the students and cared about each individual student. They also had great communication skills, grading consistency, and good teaching styles.
I am not sure if I would choose to go to school if I had the option to do it all over again. At first, I was excited to attend, but when I did attend, I was not so happy of my decision. It was the most talked about school when I was in middle school, so I thought it was the place to be. People, including myself, set high standards and praised Esperanza and so I saw it as a great choice. Yet, the building and staff are nice, when they have their coffee, but the education material itself isn't- but that's just my opinion.
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