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Esparto high school is a really small high school but is a good school because we are more close to our teachers and we have the opportunity to talk to them. Also I participate in a Culinary club, Spanish club and the FFA club. Our culinary teacher take us to cook to the “aromas café” two or three times a year and I had the opportunity to go three times and the other clubs we participate doing events like BBQ’s or we meet to do something fun.
My experience over the years at Esparto High have been pleasant, it is a small school where kids can learn to form unique bonds with their peers and their teachers one on one. Academics are met at a minimum level, in my opinion, they could be improved. The facilities in which the students function in I think should also be improved to allow the school to try developing by using better technology that could improve the way students learn, students often think of their school being either "good or bad" based upon how they view the life on their campus.
My experience at Esparto High School started as a 3rd grade student. Now graduating, I can say that Esparto has made me grow as an individual and connect with others due to the little resources and the small amount of people attending the school. My time coming to an end with my school is sad, but I wouldn't change anything because Esparto maybe small, but we have a big heart as a community.
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My experience at my High School has been an amazing experience, i wouldn't want to go to another school. The most part what i loved about my High school is that it's a really small school where everyone knows each other, were about 280 students which means we get helped a lot by teachers.
I really enjoy the small class size and individual attention that it allows. The school has many opportunities for learning, but I would like to see more diversified electives available.
My experience at Esparto High School has been amazing so far. The school offers many courses, has many clubs to join, has a great counselor that helps a lot with your high school classes and with your plans for after high school.
I have been going to Esparto since I was in third grade and I find the overall environment of the school to be terrible. The school has terrible choices of coaches, with losing sports. Most of the teachers at the school are terrible. A couple teach but others do not at all. The students there are very rude to most and than there's others who can be kind but backstab.
I liked the small town feel to Esparto High School. Everyone knew everyone and you really felt safe walking throughout the streets. However, that is also the same thing that brought on issues. Small town mentality is a real thing.
I have been attending Esparto high school for 3 years and planning to attend my last year to have a great experience. Esparto High school is a small school, it may not be a huge school but it's a great academic school. We have some of the best teachers here, and they aren't just your teachers, they are you counselor, mentor, and a friend. I would highly recommend attending esparto high school both academically and the environment it has it a great balance.
The workload was manageable. Spanish class was one of the popular classes because the teacher was great and super laid back.
No one really cared if you were from a different ethnic or racial as they were or about a person's sexual orientation as what i know of. People were accepting towards it.
There's a variety of clubs and extracurriculars.
What I think makes Esparto High School unique is how it is a small school and everyone knows everyone. Also, this school has a really big event called, "Spartarama" which has got to be the best thing at this school and it is something that every student looks forward too. I would definitely go to this school again if i could do it all over.
It all depends on which teachers you are describing. Some are very engaging and others lack it or are a little too much engaged. However, they are all interested in the students and are very approachable for if you do not understand a concept.
I believe our school is moderately safe, there has been no threats of any kind from students or other people. We have a school nurse available to students if they need to ask her health questions or confide in her a personal problem.
I personally have participated in many sports and a few clubs over my four years, such as softball,cheerleading,basketball,FFA, and culinary club.Coming from such a small school every student has an opportunity to partake in the sport or club that they wish.
What makes Esparto High School so unique is that we only have about two hundred students who attend this campus.Having been raised in such a small community and attending such a small school, I believe my peers and I have an advantage. Everyone knows everyone, which allows us to make a better connections with our peers and teachers. It also give everyone a chance to be involved with all sports and clubs.
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There is a wide variety of characters at Esparto High School, all of which are happy to help all students who are in need of consulting whether it be an academic or personal problem, myself and many of my peers know we have a safe person to talk to and get advice from.All of the faculty go above and beyond when it comes to the education of their students,they are always available to go in after class and get extra help on the current topic we are learning.
The school has several sports teams including football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, and baseball. Other activities include cheerleading, wrestling, and golf. Clubs on campus include the Future Farmers of America, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Science Club, Newspaper Club, and Music, Art, and Drama (MAD) Club. Off campus, students can participate in the Leos Club.
Going to a small school is a unique experience in itself. Over the course of four years, I have been able to develop a good relationship with most of the teachers and students and I have come to know almost every student in attendance. I have also had the opportunity to participate in several clubs and organizations both on and off of campus. People say that it's not a good thing that my school is small or that we don't offer enough opportunities, but I beg to differ. Attending a small school allows you to become immersed in an extremely caring and supportive environment where everyone knows each other. In addition, there are many extracurricular activities available for students, they only need to take advantage of those opportunities. If someone said I could do it all over and go to a different school I wouldn't accept. I would definitely choose Esparto High School yet again.
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