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It was decent. They need more teachers, fix their WiFi, and focus more on the students more than their sports. They should also care more about smaller clubs like MESA rather than fund only sports.
I love the teachers! Many of them are involved and sincerely care about their students. Though we don’t have the greatest resources, the teachers do there best to get across the full spectrum of each course. The staff are all very concerned as well. They do everything to keep the students safe. There have been some changes and new rules that others may criticize, but they are doing it for the students’ well being. Our district has had bad publicity, but I personally believe the reason for that is because it is what people seem to be interested in hearing. There are many bright and determined students, including myself, that are planning for the next crucial steps in their lives to become successful.
I can't really compare EVHS to any other high school because it's the only one I've ever attended but I do believe that we could overall be a better school if there was communication between the students and the factuality. The school also has a tendency to not go through with lots of projects or activities that are introduced. Also, staff does not heavily inforce any of the rules that are set in place until late May when it is too late as it is nearing the end of the school year.
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If you want to learn, you’ll learn hear, but a large part of achieving stuff comes from your own merit. You have to take initiative because no one else will lead you to other opportunities. The teachers are all pretty great.
I liked the sports and AJROTC. Some teachers actually care and help you. I'd like to see more permanent teachers.
I like going to school here. Although I didn’t enjoy having 5 principals in 4 years. Short staffed teachers and unnecessarily strict policies.
I love how all the teacher are willing to work with you and help you in subjects if you don’t understand. But one thing that I dislike is how many substitutes there are instead of teacher.
The entire school is negative, judgmental, and very hard to attend from the social, academic, and safety perspective.
Its a pretty good school the acedmics are fairly well if you pay attention. The school all around is orchestrated very well the staff is very kind and understanding. The sports are very diverse and pretty good.
What I liked about Espanola Valley High School was the teachers. All the teachers that I have had while attending this school are the greatest people I have ever met. The teachers I had were considetate,understanding and try to push the students to do better for themselves. They were also very real with their students. They didn't try and sugar-coat how life is going to be after High School which I respect as an individual. What I think they can improve on is having a bigger selection of classes as well as more Interactive activities for students and teachers to create a better sense of community. The counselors should be able to provide information that the students need to know in order to graduate successfully in hopes of going to college. I feel like they also should provide actual teachers to certain classes that went to school for that specific type of class they will be teaching.
I liked that all the math teacher would go for a training about once a month. I would like to see they be more long term teachers.
What I liked about Espanola Valley High School, was the class structure I liked having 7 classes for an hour than having, like an A or B schedule on A you go to your even classes and on day B you go to your odd classes. I also liked that we have a good selection of extra curricular activities that we can join. Also sports our school is pretty good that we have sponsors to pay for new sports equipments. I don't like that we don't have enough money to buy books,etc that we actually need at our school. Better lunch, no more of the having to cook freezer food. I hated lunch the most but I still ate because I was hungry and school is a long day. I liked my high school years even though it wasn't all that great either.
The academics at this high school are not the best, they need a lot of improvements.
They are okay, but their could be more extracurricular activities because they is not a great variety t choose from.
The high school I attend, is not the best, but it is getting me prepared for the most part. If I had the chance though I would go to a different high school.
All the teachers, at the Espanola Valley High School, are outstanding. The teachers are just not all up to date with the latest technology, so it it rather difficult to stay up to date with the latest learning, but they do their best.
The school security is pretty good as they take on the job of protecting 1000+ students/ staff. The school clinic is also very good as they offer a variety of things as well as a nurse
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Sports are a pillar at this school. Everyone supports them especially if the teams win. Support comes from all across the Espanola Valley to show up at the basketball gym or the football field on game day. Everyone from little siblings to faculty to old alumni from the high school.
My experience was an awesome one. Athletics at the school are very competitive, and growing up in the town of Espanola, am athlete can only dream of playing the sport they choose for the high school. I was able to play multiple sports at the High School. The town is behind any team that has promise and i was lucky enough to be on some of these teams with promise. For example, the varsity football team. A team that has had only losing seasons since 2005. This year we went 9-2. The support was so great, breaking multiple attendance records.
Teaches at the school are generally good. A lot really care about the students education. The school though is underfunded and understaffed, so teachers have to use whats on-hand.
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