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There is very little bullying in our school. Since it is such a small school, we all know each other very well and learn to get past the small differences between us. One of our teachers is actually a certified EMT, so if there are any injuries, she is well-equipped to handle whatever the injury may be.
We do have a school uniform, so dress code isn't really an issue. Other issues we have at our school are with different technological devices such as cell phones, itouches, or other devices. The administration is really great, for the most part. They are available to talk to students almost all the time and extremely knowledgeable.
Our school is extremely small, (31 students) so the number of options is very limited. However, kids really get involved in the small number of sports that we do have. The team spirit is great, and whether you're on the team or not, it's a lot of fun to go to the meets and games.
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I've had so many great experiences Im sure I could write a book about it. The friends are like family. There are so few of them throughout the years you actually get a chance to know, meet, and become close to each and everyone of them! Ive learned so many things that I dont believe I could learn anywhere else. By looking past the differences in people, and looking pass the more "opportunities" larger school than we do. I saw that, the school was way better than I would have ever thought. We have a music program we do where the whole entire school is in the orchestra and choir and this is grades 7th through 12th. Its crazy! We take trips every two years to a place around the USA where we've never been. In my years Ive gone to Washington DC, San Francisco, and Branson, Missouri. The fun, the memories and the mind boggling experiences Ive head there were breath taking and so extraordinary I wouldnt change them for anything else. Also, contributing to starting a trend of sports in our school, whether it be track, cross country, or basketball. People shouldnt give up hope in something that is possible if you're willing to put in an effort to try. I have so much confidence and joyous moments Ive had at this school that are irreplaceable and I dont believe wouldve been possible to have anyone else. I am so grateful to have been put in a situation like this. I have become a better man and feel so ready for the world. I would choose this school again and again, anyday!
Our school doesnt have many sports, barely any to say the least. The population of our school is 30 kids. Which isnt very many and makes it difficult to have a sports team. Not until recently my 9th grade year did we have any sports team of some sort. Ive been in love with athletics/fitness games since I was a kid, but the size of our school made opportunities nearly impossible. But then I found about track and cross country. And although I was the only on the team, it got much attention and other kids started joined every year, this year we have more than half our school in track and we even started a basketball team! Our school spirit has grown immensly due to this! And we couldnt be happier. Our school took the region championship trophy in track last year against kids with 100s of kids! Our involvement is not amazing, and only continues to grow. Its nice to show the world that even though a school is small, there are a chance for great possibilities!
We dont have any sort of security since our school is small and its never been a big threat or a priority to fund. One thing our principal does do is to always make sure he knows where everyone is at all times, and stays in the boudaries of the school unless giving permission otherwise. Also, when vistors come to our school the principal makes sure they sign in and we get information about who they are and their purpose for being there. Its nice to know when strangers come they arent a threat to anyone.
We have a school uniform we all wear khaki pants and collar shirts. Which I actually dont mind. Makes getting read in the morning easy. No one in our school curses. Those who do and get caught, get in deep trouble. We always hand in our homework during class or the next day before class begins if not the assignment is marked as a zero/fail. Which is there to make us diligent, and keep busy training up for college and to stay on task so it's understandable. Our principal keeps track of our attendance and makes sure if he we miss any days of school to find out why and if we notified anyone of the faculty. Anyone who fails to notify the teachers must pay a sluff fine of 20 dollars per day, and a call from parent or guardian. We also have designated places where we are allowed to eat food.
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