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Escuela Vocacional Ana Delia Flores Santana Reviews

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The teachers are pretty nice and good. They try their best to prepare you for the world and for college, all they want is to see you succeed. The students are nice, they behave pretty nicely most of the time. One thing I'd like for them to change would be the administration; the way the director of the school handles things isnt quite the best sometimes.
As an alumni, my high school experience was the best. At the Vocacional Ana Delia Flores Santana I met my best friends, the bond we created and shared is a bond I've never imagined to have with friends. There I became a SkillsUSA State Officer where I created experiences that will help guide me now as a College Freshman. What I mostly liked about this school was the diversity of workshops, to evolve in the industry and obtain the basic skills within that profession; helping the future generation become leaders. What I would like to change and evolve in our school would be our field days and activities, more educational activities, a more punctual administration and more university preparation such as: applying, scholarships, etc.
No hay insidentes, No se ha susitado alguna actividad que requiera seguridad extrema.
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Extracurricular no hay tantas opciones. Se puede hacer mas.
Mi experiencia fue muy buena. Volveria a repetir esta etapa si me fuera posible.
Todos los maestros estan comprometidos con la tarea que realizan.
It helps you in the future, since you study an grade associate.
I'd choose this school again if I had to. I don't like that there are some mediocre teachers. There are great people here, though, both teachers and students. Some classes and workshops aren't exactly the best, but it's not that bad. I like that some days they have preachings (you don't have to go if you don't want to) and/or conferences for students. It's mostly a nice atmosphere and most are friendly.
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