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University Gardens is a specialized school in science and math. It's a public school located in San Juan, PR. Although the Department of Education of the island is at its worse times, UGHS has been able to maintain a high quality education for students. But, although its a public school, is not diverse. I was blessed to come from a middle class family and be able to educate myself there, but most of my companions where from high class politically privileged family.
I've been in this school for 4 years. It is amazing, it helps you grow a lot, opportunities here are great, if you want to start your own club you can, the faculty is great (some teachers are harder than others, but not everything is perfect), students are free to interact with the community and feel safe. We are a great community that is full of diversity, and lots of clubs. Clubs include: Chem Club, Dance Team, Theater club, Moonbuggy, Visual Arts Club, and more.
University Gardens High School is a great school for my opinion. The surroundings are like a big family. The teachers hears everything you say and talk to you freely in the hallways and in the classroom, and even students that are a year older or younger than you talk to you like you have known them since you were born. Even if the first class starts at 7:30am and the last class ends at 4:10 pm, it is worth it to stay to learn inside and outside the classroom. Last, but not least, as the name says University Gardens is a school that helps you prepare for your future just like a university student. the experience I have had in this school in the last 4 years (including this one)I would not change it for any other experience that I could have taken.
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University Gardens taught me a lot about the world and it greatly prepared me for college life. The work and classes are very, very strict but it’s all absolutely worth it in the end. I met amazing people and worked with amazing teachers who pushed me forward and did not let me give up no matter how badly I wanted to. I adore this school and I will be proud of graduating from it for the rest of my life.
University Gardens High School, in my opinion,is an amazing school. Not only are the teachers amazing, but the amount of diversity there is student-wide is incomparable. The only thing I'd like to change is in fact the administration. I've noticed a little bit of irresponsibility in regards of time management.
Going to University Gardens was definitely a challenge, because I had only studied in private schools, so I didn't know what to expect by going to a public school (honestly seems like a private school because of the environment). My first year there, as a sophomore, was hard since I had to learn how to cope with stress, and I didn't know many people there. Junior year was a bit better. I made friends. I had learned not to be too hard on myself sometimes. By senior year I was already accustomed to the school. They also do plenty of activities for students to relax and share with friends.
University Gardens is a great school. Academically, it does a tremendous job preparing students. University Gardens thaught me that while it is important to be well educated the key to success is not intelligence but responsibility. University Gardens
Amazing experience, great opportunity, and academic challenging. Is a school the prepares you in many ways, excellent experience to grow as a human being and as a professional.
It is a great school with great education. It is specialized in science and mathematics which is very helpful.
University Gardens is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Its a school specialized in Science and Mathematics. It is the public school with the best results in the College Board, META PR and advanced exams throughout Puerto Rico. Most students are allowed to enter the university in grade 11 because we meet the requirements.
What really stands out with this school is the great academics and great social atmosphere it is very fun and very strict. I really loved studying here.
This school has offered me the opportunity to explore my interest in the Natural Sciences and challenged me with a Mathematics curriculum that completely overshadows other public schools in Puerto Rico.
It's a great challenging high school! You definitely get the most out of it. I recommend you join clubs!
I coursed the 10th and part of the 11th grade in this school but sadly it had to be interrupted because I ended up in the hospital. This occurred thanks to the level of the stress the school gives you. It is like 6 times harder than actual college and the professors are not pro students. I actually heard one of them commenting how he actually made his exams so that his students would fail. Completely hated it and moved to another. My friends who stayed actually graduated with bald patches in their head due to the amount of stress.
My experience at the University Gardens High School was great, wonderful, meaningful, beneficial and, very good. In this school I received the best education and the best possible university preparation. In addition, I was able to develop as a leader, as a professional and, as a person, as well as in different fields. Thanks to the facilities and preparation of the school, truly prepared teachers, extracurricular activities, exceptional projects, clubs and, many other things, I’m who I am now. So, I can say that this school, if is not the best, is one of the best schools in Puerto Rico, so I would not change anything about it because it has everything.
Academically it is an excellent school, only the best students can study there. The students gets the best scores in the College board examination.
Things to improve: the facilities, the classrooms doesn't have air conditioner and there is a need for suplies
I have quite the experience at University Gardens but I would like to see more labs and better teachers.
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It is a great school, programs are great but this school also assumed I was not fit academically. Teachers assumed my academics had to do with lack of intellect instead of depression. They addressed my as an underachiever and i was expelled. I was not good enough for the teachers (former math teacher and some others ask me to consider another school that were less challenging). First, it was a challenge for me to get in. I was a 14 years old teen who researched long enough to find this school, took the bus to get there and test out, passed the test, and took myself there everyday on the bus despite of the difficulties I was going through and lack of parent support. Today I hold 2 bachelor degrees, 1 masters, many certifications and work for public schools. Empathize more.
This school has a great academical offer. It is specialized in science and math. Each year you take their you take two science and two maths. The teacher are highly qualified. When you graduate from this school you are ready to go to college. What I would like to change about this school is that their should be more elective courses.
The best High School in Puerto Rico. The teachers care about the students and wants them to thrive in life. They prepare you for college.
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