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I had a lot of work. However, the amount of work that you have in this school will help you prepare yourself better for collge.
If you didn't know this school has been focused in science and maths for a while now, it is a big challenge but worth it. We take two math, two science and we do research. It's a very college like vibe in the school (talking about academics) so you get prepared to what you are going to face after highschool.
It is a school that challenges their students to complete research in science and mathematics. Also, it encourages every student to learn from their mistakes and during the process, by fixing them, it opens their minds to new knowledge.
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It's a great experience that will certainly prepared you for college life and time management
Its the best food I have ever tasted in a school. Its delicious.
Each club has their own great amazing level of commitment. They get reunited each Friday and do their best to keep activities up and running,
The teachers communicate with their students in a very efficient way teaching them what they need to know in the most right way possible.
There is no bullying at all in this school. In fact its the most peaceful school you can find in the Ponce area.
The school although it offers the student a lot of great knowledge it has almost no technology. The library is mostly close when is needed, structure is really old and in a bad condition. However when you get to study there you don't care it's great the teachers do their best to help students and teach in the most efficient way possible.
It's a great school, everyone helps each other. Being a Specialized School makes things a little hard for every one but in this school thought us how to manage our time and how to become great college students. Every one understands each other, there is never a fight in this school and everyone gets along.
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