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Escuela Superior Miguel Meléndez Muñoz Reviews

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Good school. Got the chance to meet really nice people and teachers that marked my life as a student. This experiences have served me know as a college student.

In the Cafeteria the menu have variety every day. You don't have to pay for it. Also, its very healthy what they offered. If you have a condition or special dietary accommodations you have to tell them and they make it well for you. They offer snacks but not that much.

The administration and any school-wide policies I think it doesn't affect that much to student. There are guidance counselor that if you are not sure of something they could guide you to the right way. Also, they have the office staff and we have the police staff so if an emergency occurs. We have a dress code they have lined uniform with specified colors. The attendance is pretty good.
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In the athletics opportunities at this school its not bad. Actually, is good the student involvement its pretty much. They have a good team performance. They may not have all the facilities in the school but they look to other facilities so they can prepared for some sport like the soccer that we don't have a park for it.

First, I like the quality of the teachers. Each one have there unique style of teaching but is interesting. There communication skills are very attentive with the student.

In Miguel Melendez High School there are many club that you can enjoy. There are ones that are more popular or fun than other. The most popular club is Science. The Science Club has participate as district level and regional and of course we have won. Also, they have after-school activities for the student and teachers like for honor student, movie day, student day and many more.

In some point I felt it was okay that I was prepared because not all of the things that we should learn in school we didn't. When, I got to the "real world" that's when I find out that I was not all of it prepared.
We have now a new smart boards and a 3D classroom (for science class)
The teachers in this school are awesome.
The sport program in my school is very important and they take it very seriously. We have a small but equipped gym and a excellent couches. The sports that are more famous in this school are: soccer, basketball and volleyball.
I don't really go to the cafeteria because I personally don't like it. But the worst thing that the cook is the "raviolis". Beside that when the serve food like nuggets or mash potatoes is awesome.
The director, counselor, students, teachers and every person that have a big part in our school are extremely helpful and pro-students. Whenever my friends or I need help in something they help us. They are really good leaders
We don't have a health program. We do take the health class but beside that, if you feel sick or something the school will immediately call you guardian to pick you up or in some extremely rare cases, like if you fracture something they call the ambulance and take you to the hospital.
i love my high school
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