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Escuela Superior Isidro A. Sánchez Reviews

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After spending all of my high school years there, I can assure people that there is no other school as prepared as the Isidro A. Sánchez in regards to AP classes and overall education in the district. Most professors are efficient and understanding, they gave their very best when it came to preparing their students, which can sometimes can be a hurdle to a great number of students. However, I will admit that the only physics teacher did not actually teach much, all of the groups having only taken one test during the entire school year, among few others that either overworked their students or barely taught anything. The security staff were somewhat careless, but acted fast and kept things under control. The administration wasn't always available, but they helped and kept a good relationship with students. Whenever it came to extracurricular activities the alumni showed support and were committed towards them. Asides from its faults, I would greatly recommend this school to others.
The School's academics it average.
The school is very diverse.
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They help a lot and motivate students to do better.
The school cares a lot about each and every students health and safety.
The academics are great, they counselors are always making sure we are taking the courses we need and/or want. It is very important for them that students are going on the right path.
The health and security at Isidro A. Sanchez it's great. There is a security guard at the front entrance of the school to announce visitors and make sure it's safe. The principal is always around, so if a student needs to talk to her she is always available.
Isidro A. Sánchez high school is one of the schools in the "Futuro" program. This program consist of after school tutoring, also the students can choose between theatre, music, cheerleading, dance, and many other activities to do once they're done with their tutoring work. The tutors offer math, English, and Spanish subject material to help the students prepare for the standardized tests.
The teachers I've had so far aren't as good as I expected. Obviously they know the subjects and material they're supposed to teach us students, however I don't believe they're amazing, or even great due to the fact that they get out of subject a lot, talking about their personal experiences that don't have to do with the class.
My school is great. The overall satisfaction rate of students, parents and teachers is very high. Teachers at my school are very welcoming and hardworking, they motivate students to do their very best.
I have loved this school so far. Teachers are excellent and they care about each and every student. It is one of the best schools in the region. The principal works really hard to be connected with the students one way or another and keep the school running as it is now
I have not use very often the facilities that they have.
The adminstration is very helpful and have time for students.
The outcomes has been okay, because there is some competition to find jobs.
Is so much comfortable, there are people willing to help anytime.
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